Our Partners

The Whidbey Institute’s community is collaborative and leadership-rich. In addition to holding our Signature Programs, which are often jointly facilitated by the Institute and key Collaborative Partners, we’re building connections throughout our region to give more change-makers a home, a voice, and a community in which to learn, work, and connect for positive social and emotional change.

Collaborative Partnerships, with organizations and individuals who’ve chosen the Whidbey Institute as a home for their work, provide connectivity among leaders to learn with us and with one another and to grow their impact through shared resources, insight, and audiences. Cross-pollination of best practices and new ideas serve the needs of each, for the benefit of all. These partnerships provide developing programs with proven design and facilitation models, grow our understanding of how organizations and change-makers are adapting to address the needs of the world today, inspire program participants in new and exciting ways, and bring new members into our learning community to accelerate and deepen the effectiveness of our shared work.

Community Partnerships, with organizations, businesses, and individuals with whom we have aligned missions, help us thrive together on South Whidbey, in Cascadia, or around the nation and world. Learning from and with each other, we recognize the power of our mutually-beneficial work to advance the common good.

Land Partnerships, with organizations and individuals who share our beautiful 100 acre campus or who help us in stewarding it, allow us to give back to the Chinook land from which we’ve learned so much and to hold Chinook as a conservation forest and a community resource for nature encounters.

With each new partnership, our interconnected community grows in strength and breadth, ensuring that what we’re learning together is empowered by diversity, energized by new ideas, and impactful far beyond the four walls of Thomas Berry Hall.