How can I bring a program to Chinook?

First, review our events calendar to get some idea of available dates. Then, fill out the form at www.whidbeyinstitute.org/new-program-inquiry. You'll hear back from one of us soon!

Is my donation to the Whidbey Institute tax deductible?

Yes! We are an educational 501(c)(3), and your contribution to the Institute is tax deductible. We send all our donors a gift acknowledgement letter, which includes our FEIN. Online donors will receive this information via email immediately after making their contribution.

Do you host weddings or family reunions?

No, sorry! Except under extraordinary circumstances, we cannot host gatherings of this nature due to our very full calendar of mission-aligned programs.

Is there internet access at Chinook?

Yes! We have three WiFi connection points: in Thomas Berry Hall, the Farmhouse, and Granny's. Information on connecting to these signals is available in information kiosks in each building. We do not currently have a computer available for public use.

Will I be able to use my cellphone?

Maybe. The Whidbey Island terrain can make it difficult to connect and sustain a call on the Chinook land. Some areas are better than others, and some service providers are better than others. We have landline connections for local outgoing calls, or incoming long distance calls, in both the Farmhouse and Granny's.

Are children welcome?

Yes! We welcome children. For everyone's safety and comfort, we ask that you designate an adult to be responsible for your youngsters at all times. Some of our annual offerings include parallel programming for children—watch for these updates in our event calendar and program announcements throughout the year!

Are dogs allowed?

No. Excepting service dogs, in compliance with ADA policy, dogs are not allowed on the Chinook land or in the buildings at the Whidbey Institute. Our property is protected by conservation easements, and we seek to minimize disruptions to the wildlife and natural environment. We aim to provide comfortable accommodations to all our (human) guests; due to allergen and liability issues, we cannot welcome your furry family members.

Can I send or receive faxes?

Yes. The fax number is 360.341.1899. The fax machine is located near the main office at the bottom of the stairs in Thomas Berry Hall.

How can I be reached during my stay at Chinook?

Calls may be received in both Granny's (360.341.7104) and the Farmhouse (360.341.0969). Emergency calls after hours may be referred to our Resident Caretaker (360.341.3153).

What should I do if I have a medical emergency?

If you are in immediate danger, dial 911. A defibrillator is located in Thomas Berry Hall. First aid kits are located in each building and marked with a red cross. Additional supplies may be available in the main office.

Is smoking allowed at Chinook?

Smoking is not allowed on the Chinook land except in the art barn (picnic shelter). Please respect your fellow guests by limiting smoking to this location, when it is otherwise not in use, and by properly disposing of your waste.

Can I pick the garden flowers or produce?

We hope you will enjoy your time in our flower and vegetable gardens, but ask that you leave them undisturbed for the benefit of all guests.

Do you provide soap or shampoo?

Each of our guest bathrooms are stocked with sample-sized bottles of shampoo and sometimes conditioner. The supply is limited, and we recommend bringing your own just in case.

Should I bring a flashlight?

Yes! We are far from the city lights and it gets dark out here! Please come prepared with a small flashlight for your time in the woods.