Partnering with Us

We work with a variety of organizations, throughout South Whidbey, the Cascadian region, and the world, whose missions complement our commitment to life-affirming work for the common good.

Programs and activities at Chinook help deepen our engagement in the world’s most pressing issues, moving us toward sustainability, justice, and a more holistic place in the web of ecology.

Whether you’re a neighbor seeking community, a group leader planning a gathering, or an individual seeking others with whom to enact positive change, we invite you to experience the Whidbey Institute as a home for your work in the world—a place that connects you with others with whom you can engage deeply, encounter new perspectives, and explore an ever-evolving edge of understanding.

Here, in the embrace of our 100 acre heritage forest, we face the most serious issues of our time with a foundation of optimism, a spirit of joy, and a confidence in our collective work to build a more vibrant, just and peaceful world.

If you feel that the Whidbey Institute could be a home to your work in the world, please contact us. We look forward to exploring the possibility of a partnership with you. Dozens of organizations from around the region and across the globe meet here annually for workshops, gatherings, and trainings which nurture innovation, collaboration, and renewal.