Thriving Communities

“I’ve learned to find your allies . . . . Everything that you do, whether it is your business or your non-profit, should be a circle of giving and receiving so that no one feels less than anyone else. Everyone has a chance to contribute.” Lynn Willeford, Founder of Friends of Friends

The Whidbey Institute’s Thriving Communities Initiative is an organic, whole systems approach that connects and supports informal leaders across and within communities through community gatherings, video storytelling, conferences, and projects. We’re in this together, and we know that our own strength is deeply rooted in the health and vitality of our South Whidbey and Cascadian communities.

We promote life affirming community through cross-pollination of successful models,  network building opportunities, and informed conversation. The Whidbey Institute serves as a gathering hearth and resource library where it is not merely the “what” that is cherished, but the “how” and the “who”.  You’ll find no blueprint one size fits all or prepackaged programs for sale here.  We believe that each community contains the seeds that honor unique thriving tomorrows.  Come join the conversation and help weave the web!