Liberating Structure | November 2018 Newsletter

In this issue: Gala photos, exploring liberating structure with Evolution at Work, a conversation with volunteer Tom Buxton, community announcements, and more! Click here to view the full issue and read on.

November 19, 2018

Enter with intention: Warrior Monk retreats at the threshold of a new year

The Warrior Monk retreat, led by Dan McKee, has been a key offering at the Whidbey Institute for nearly 15 years. While the Warrior Monk retreat itself has been held for over two decades at sites around the world, holding the retreat at the threshold of the new year is a more recent trend, and only takes place at the Whidbey Institute. I reached out to talk with Dan about what makes the new year Warrior Monk retreat unique. Here’s that conversation. —Marnie Jackson

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October 18, 2018

Administrative and Logistics Coordinator Position Available


Applications received by October 19, 2018 will receive priority consideration

The Whidbey Institute is seeking an administrative and logistics coordinator to hold vital integrative functions of our organization. A person well-suited for this position will demonstrate proficient computer skills, adept interpersonal capacities, and financial acuity and will delight in attending to details. Experience with registration software is a plus. Read More →

October 5, 2018

A Paradigm Shift: Marta Mulholland Reflects on Powers of Leadership

Marta Mulholland is the Whidbey Institute’s Volunteer Coordinator. She also assists in the Westgarden, and is currently co-creating a garden curriculum with Westgarden Steward Jules LeDrew to engage Waldorf students in the space. She participated in the 2017-2018 Powers of Leadership Retreat Cycle, and we recently sat down together to reflect on that experience. Here’s our conversation.  —Marnie Jackson

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September 26, 2018

Planting Joy: A conversation with volunteer Mara Grey

Volunteer Mara Grey and I met in the Appletree Garden on a dewy morning last month to discuss the garden—which she’s stewarded for about a decade—and the diversity of plants she tends there.  She introduced me to my favorite summer bloomer—Crocosmia Lucifer—and told me how the garden has evolved since last we spoke. Here’s that conversation. —Marnie Jackson

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August 23, 2018

Exceedingly Good: Spotlight on Larisa

Whidbey Institute Director Larisa Benson spoke with me recently about her board service and background. Larisa is one of the folks behind “Strategies for a More Joyful Government,and brings a great wealth of leadership, governance, and teaching expertise to her role on our Board of Directors. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation. —Marnie Jackson 

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August 22, 2018

Join the staff! Seeking housekeeping team member

posted August 15, 2018

This is a part-time, non-exempt, hourly position. Starting wage is $16.50 per hour. Schedule will average 20-25 hours per week. The housekeeping team works to maintain cleanliness, beauty, environmental sensitivity, and guest comfort at the Whidbey Institute, a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit with a 106-acre campus. We seek a team member who will help us serve our mission to nurture the conditions for transformational learning. Read More →

August 15, 2018

Land Stewardship Position Opening

Land Steward Position Description

Posted May 2, 2018

The Whidbey Institute is seeking a qualified Land Steward to fill a 35-hour per week position and to be responsible for care and management of the landscape, gardens, forest and wetlands, and 3.5 miles of public trails. They will work with volunteers and service learning groups and will be responsible for land-based community engagement and learning. Read More →

May 2, 2018