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Event Listing - Whidbey Institute

  • COMMUTING, includes facilities use fee – $334.00
  • SHARED DOUBLE CABIN, short walk to bathrooms – $574.00
  • SHARED DOUBLE, attached bath – $574.00
  • PRIVATE QUEEN, short walk to bathrooms – $634.00
  • PRIVATE SINGLE CABIN, short walk to bathrooms – $634.00
  • PRIVATE SINGLE CABIN, attached shared bathroom – $674.00
  • CAMPING, bring your own tent and sleeping bag – $334.00
  • All prices include $214.00 for meals, from Saturday dinner - Wednesday Breakfast.

Date & Time Details: Program begins before dinner on Saturday, with arrivals at 4 pm.
Program ends after breakfast on Wednesday, with departures at noon.

Location: Whidbey Institute

Address: 6449 Old Pietila Road, Clinton WA 98236

Lodging & Meal pricing varies according to selection.
Tuition ranges from $400 to $1,200.
Taxes on meals and lodging will be applied at checkout.
A $50 deposit is required to register.

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Dare to Connect WE-LAB

With Placida Gallegos, Akasha Saunders, Steve Schapiro and Carol Wishcamper

March 7 - 11, 2020


This workshop with Solfire Consulting Group will provide a space to explore and support our capacity for a “we-space” that embraces our differences and maximizes our practice in connecting with each other across those differences with curiosity and love.

Are you called to join with others to counter and heal the divisiveness and suffering you see in the world?

Are you drawn to engaging with others across racial, generational, ethnic, gender, religious, and class differences?  

Do you desire to experience novel ways of being together in complex and divisive times? 

Are you ready to communicate across race in ways that account for inequitable power relations and structures?

Do you yearn to belong to a supportive, diverse, and loving community where we attend to individual, collective, and social transformation?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then consider joining us to take the conversation about differences to the next level. This will be a space and time for courageous practice in daring to connect across our multiple differences and to renew our individual and collective spirit. We promise that this process will deepen your self-awareness, generate transformational change, and support mutual growth and awakening.

Individualism is prized in many societies. So is self-sufficiency. We believe that these ways of being are toxic for individuals, organizations, and communities. They lead to cultures of isolation and scarcity. We need more interconnected ways to be together. This gathering is to explore and support our capacity for a “we-space” that embraces and maximizes differences. 

Activities and dialogues we will engage in:

  • Moving systematically through different “levels of system” from Individual to the We
  • Amplifying and leaning into group differences present in the community
  • Experiencing real-time highly interactive embodied engagement
  • Experimenting with living and being together in “we-ness
  • Practicing loving each other across our differences
  • Engaging in embodied, mindful, and creative practices to feed the soul and renew the spirit

Pace of our time together:

  • Structured and unstructured time
  • Intentional personal reflection
  • Play & fun
  • Creative work
  • Small group time
  • Time in nature



Placida Gallegos
Plácida Gallegos, founder of Solfire Consulting, has over 30 years experiencing supporting individuals from all backgrounds, groups and organizations in thriving and achieving optimal outcomes. Her work spans a wide range including corporations, non-profits, educational institutions and governmental agencies. As a researcher, she has emphasized organizational high performance, leadership development, cultural assessment and strategic change initiatives. In her consulting work, she has lead large change projects and partnered with executives to develop sustainable interventions that align with their values, business and organizational objectives. Dr. Gallegos designs and conducts workshops, presentations and interventions based on sound assessment practices and customization to…
Learn more about Placida Gallegos
Akasha Saunders
Akasha is a pilgrim, educator, and developmental coach with over 10 years of professional experience. He brings a constructive developmental approach to fostering diversity, inclusion, and equity in organizations. He also brings experience and deep interest in spiritual development and evolution of human consciousness to his practice. Akasha is also known for his success working with men across multiple sociocultural differences. He designs and facilitates workshops and interventions, including for the Braveheart Men’s Retreats that focus on increased levels of awareness, inclusive masculinities, and leadership development. His engagement with client systems centers on partnership and fostering intimate conversations with groups…
Learn more about Akasha Saunders
Steve Schapiro
Steve Schapiro, Ed.D., teaches, writes, and consults in the areas of adult development and adult learning, with a focus on transformative learning and social justice. He is a member of the faculty in the School of Leadership Studies at Fielding Graduate University, where he has also served as Dean for Academic Affairs. He has spent over 30 years teaching for social justice and inclusion, and leading dialogues across difference in regard to issues of race, gender, and sexual orientation. He is co-editor of the book, Innovations in Transformative Learning: Space, Culture and the Arts. and editor of the book, Higher…
Learn more about Steve Schapiro
Carol Wishcamper
Carol brings several decades of leadership experience in the education and non-profit sectors to her organizational development consulting practice.  She recently Co-Chaired  the Maine Wabanaki- State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission, designed to promote inter-generational and intercultural healing.   She has held leadership positions on the Maine State Board of Education and the Maine Chapter of the Nature Conservancy as well as board service on numerous boards, including the College of the Atlantic and Waynflete School. She is currently a trustee of the Elmina B. Sewall Foundation.  In her consulting practice, she works with a full spectrum of public and…
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