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  • COMMUTER – $374.00
  • SHARED TRIPLE IN HOUSE, shared bath – $734.00
  • SHARED DOUBLE, attached bath – $734.00
  • PRIVATE SINGLE CABIN, short walk to bathrooms – $854.00
  • Prices include $194.00 for meals. See specific meal information in program description.

Date & Time Details: Our program will begin at 6 pm on April 20. Facilitators will be onsite by 3 pm to greet those arriving earlier. If you'd like to arrive the night before, please email Marie and/or Tatyana at [email protected] to let them know.

Address: 6449 Old Pietila Road, Clinton WA 98236

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Cancelled: Training of Facilitators: a Personal Leadership seminar

With Tatyana Fertelmeyster and Marie Sheffield

April 20 - 26, 2020

This Training of Facilitators Seminar (ToF) is an opportunity to learn how to facilitate Personal Leadership (PL) learning events. This is intended for experienced designers and facilitators, and is a prerequisite for joining the PL Facilitator Program. This seminar creates a community for examining the dynamics of facilitating PL and making a world of difference. This seminar will help you navigate PL depths and respond with confidence to the complexities of facilitating. Hosted by Connecting Differences, LLC.

Register here for meals and lodging only. To learn more or register, visit the program information page.

The seminars consist of:

  • One six-day face-to-face training
  • Two virtual plenary sessions of two hours, held after the face-to-face session
  • Individual work prior to the face-to-face session
  • Individual and virtual partner work between the face-to-face and virtual plenary sessions

Please note: As part of the ToF seminar, you will design, develop, and deliver a PL learning event for clients, colleagues, family members and/or friends. It doesn’t matter for whom, the point is to start experiencing the process of facilitating PL. Time is allowed to do this between the two virtual plenary sessions that follow the face-to-face component.

This seminar focus specifically on the process of facilitating PL, while refining your facilitation practice overall.  You will:

  • Deepen your personal PL practice
  • Involve independent design work, small group collaboration, and experimentation with content delivery
  • Provide an opportunity for small group coaching with the seminar leaders
  • You will learn how to adapt PL to your individualized professional situation
  • Design activities that are appropriate to your specific clients or industry
  • Place the Personal Leadership method within a variety of contexts
  • Explain Personal Leadership’s guiding tenets and answer frequently asked questions
  • Use personal stories and examples to illustrate the principles and practices of Personal Leadership and the Critical Moment Dialogue (CMD)
  • Assess yourself using the ToF Developmental Benchmarks
  • Create a personalized plan for ongoing development as a PL Facilitator

The final design of this seminar will be tailored to the learning agendas, experience level and developmental needs of those who register.

Cost includes lodging and meals. The following meals will be provided by The Whidbey Institute chef:

  • dinner Monday
  • breakfast and lunch Tuesday
  • breakfast and lunch Wednesday
  • breakfast Thursday
  • breakfast and lunch Friday
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday


Labyrinth photo by Tatyana Fertelmeyster.


Tatyana Fertelmeyster
Tatyana Fertelmeyster, MA, LCPC, is founder and principal of Connecting Differences, LLC. She works as a consultant, trainer, and coach with organizations, teams, and individuals. For Tatyana, Connecting Differences is her passion and not just the name of her consulting company. Tatyana is fascinated with process rather than content. She sees tolerance as one’s ability to tolerate oneself while engaging with others across differences and from that perspective Personal Leadership becomes her main approach. She uses PL to help develop the effectiveness and resilience of professionals working with diversity and intercultural relations. She uses it to teach leaders to effectively…
Learn more about Tatyana Fertelmeyster
Marie Sheffield
In 2015, Marie Sheffield, MA, L.C.P.C., learned about Personal Leadership (PL) as a fellow at the Institute for Intercultural Communication. She has integrated PL into her own facilitator training for the Intercultural Peer Support Program at the Center for Grieving Children in Portland, Maine. Through that work, she supports children resettling from war and persecution. She provides ongoing trainings in Personal Leadership, including with AmeriCorps, both the New Hampshire and Maine public school districts, recipients of the 21st Century federal grant, and the Multilingual and Multicultural Center, Portland, Maine. Marie loves to expand the possibilities of PL by finding ways…
Learn more about Marie Sheffield

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