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Event Listing

  • COMMUTER – $210.00
  • CAMPING – $210.00
  • PRIVATE SINGLE IN HOUSE, shared bathroom – $330.00
  • SHARED DOUBLE CABIN, short walk to bathrooms – $290.00
  • SHARED TRIPLE IN HOUSE, shared bath – $290.00
  • SHARED DOUBLE, attached bath – $290.00
  • PRIVATE QUEEN, short walk to bathrooms – $330.00
  • PRIVATE SINGLE CABIN, short walk to bathrooms – $330.00
  • PRIVATE SINGLE CABIN, attached shared bathroom – $330.00
  • PRIVATE QUEEN IN HOUSE, shared bathroom – $330.00
  • All prices include $150.00 for meals and rapid COVID test (administered upon arrival). Zoom attendees will have these costs waived before checkout.

Date & Time Details: Gathering runs from the evening of November 4 through the afternoon of November 6.

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Thriving Communities Gathering

November 4 - 6, 2021

“We can never get a re-creation of community and heal our society without giving our citizens a sense of belonging.”

– Patch Adams

Meal and Lodging Costs

Commuting, sleeping offsite (includes meals) $210
Camping, bring your own gear (includes meals) $210
Shared room with a pod member (includes meals) $290
Single room (includes meals) $330

Prices for commuting, camping, and lodging onsite include meals (Thursday dinner through Saturday lunch) and a rapid onsite COVID test, administered upon arrival.


Tuition Costs

Standard Tuition $175
Catalyst Tuition $235
Supported Tuition $100


Total cost to participate will range from $310 plus tax for commuting or camping, dining, and contributing at the Supported Tuition level to $565 plus tax for lodging in a single room, dining, and contributing at the Catalyst Tuition level.

Thriving Communities is a cherished, sustainable, viable movement that addresses, through film and dialogue, the difficult issues facing all our communities today.

This year we continue exploring the felt sense and opportunity that belonging engenders.

These days together will provide stories that connect from Whidbey Island to Richmond, Virginia. More often it is what we don’t know exists in our communities that makes a community more vibrant. These are the stories we explore, and we get to peek into the lives of engaged people and their inspiring work.

Please join us in our 9th Gathering of Thriving Communities at the Whidbey Institute from the evening of  November 4 through the afternoon of November 6 to share stories of belonging. In our time together we will engage in exploration of how to share and implant these concepts in our own communities.

The best word for the experience is profound—every TC Gathering weaves its own kind of magic. The more diverse the group, the more successful the experience. It’s a weekend of connecting, deep listening, and action. Watching films together brings us closer and feeds the soul.

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