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Climate Conference: an Invitational Event

April 11, 2014 - April 12, 2014

This intimate gathering is an opportunity for the continuation of ongoing work, and is therefore open to invited participants only. If you have been referred here or wish to learn more, please let us know via email. The conference runs from Friday morning through Saturday afternoon, with optional evening events on Thursday and Saturday.

“Moral Power for Climate Action: Cultivating a Committed Core”

Our second-annual conference for regional climate leaders is scheduled for April 11-12, 2014 at the Whidbey Institute. Kathleen Dean Moore and KC Golden will present keynotes at this invitational event, which will focus on the moral and ethical dimensions of the climate crisis. By providing a strategically-selected group of 75 of the region’s most committed and effective climate leaders with a reflective space to share insights and experience, we aim to build, strengthen, and amplify resilience in the Cascadian climate movement. With this and future efforts, it is our intention to help cultivate that intensely committed core of leaders who have the requisite moral depth, shared commitment, compassionate resolve, and strength of soul to sustain themselves and others through one of the most difficult transitions our species has ever faced.

Outcomes for participants may include:

  • Greater emotional and spiritual resilience, along with fresh insight.
  • A more complex understanding of the moral dilemmas and challenges to our efforts regarding climate change.
  • A richer and more flexible language with which to discuss climate issues with those less informed or committed.
  • A wider strategic network of colleagues with whom to build fresh collaborations.
  • Strengthened commitment to make changes in their own lives and to continue working for change in society.

For the region, we anticipate:

  • An increasingly coherent and committed community of leaders collaborating across constituencies for shared goals.
  • A larger network working in multiple realms for the common goal of addressing climate change, and more artful means of leveraging that network.
  • The development of models that can inform other regions seeking similar outcomes.


April 11, 2014
April 12, 2014