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Compassionate Business: Activate networks to create value while changing the world

September 14, 2016


Andrew will be delivering a keynote address to a global conference in Monterrey, Mexico this autumn. The event is the Worldwide Meeting on Human Values, with a live audience of several thousand and a global livestreaming audience of over 200,000 people. We have a great opportunity to see Andrew share a preview of his presentation here at the Whidbey Institute on September 14! All are welcome at this community event.

Join us from 7 to 8:30 pm, but plan to arrive early to get settled in Thomas Berry Hall before the program begins.

RSVP HERE at no cost to help us with planning.

About the Presentation

We face the jarring impact of unprecedented challenge and exponential change occurring at the same time. Climate change threatens our planetary future, while the global economy is undergoing its most rapid and radical transformation in the history of human society. Driven by human discontent, rampant technology, political turmoil, and resource depletion, we have arrived at a crossroads. Structural imperatives are driving our economy toward new business models, toward collaboration rather than competition, toward clean rather than carbon-based energy, and toward activating networks of prosumers rather than passive and atomized consumers. Our future as a civilization—and the ability of business to make the difference—depends on the capacity of conscious business leaders to embed compassion in every leadership action, while building systems that embody this new consciousness.

About the Speaker

Andrew Himes has been a business leader, social justice activist, writer, editor, filmmaker, and Internet pioneer. He was founding editor of Apple technology journal MacTech, founding editor of the Microsoft Developer Network, and led the first web team at Microsoft. He produced the documentary Voice in Wartime, authored The Sword of the Lord (a history of the relationship between fundamentalism and trauma), and was founding director of Charter for Compassion International. He has been coordinator of the Business Alliance for the Future, and is now working on a book that tells the story of compassion as the essential structural principle for sustainable global economy.


September 14, 2016