“Part of the Whidbey Institute’s path is to help people find their own authentic center point, the place in themselves where they are able to be at ease, to be resilient, to be flexible, and to be at peace.” —Joel Shrut

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Conversational Leadership III 2017

May 21, 2017 - May 24, 2017


Note: As part three in a series of three, this retreat is a continuation of ongoing work. No further enrollment.
DAVID WHYTE and INVITAS: The Institute for Conversational Leadership invite you to join us for this new certification series preparing individuals, leaders and consultants to work with the central principles of conversational leadership.

Much is said in today’s world about “just being.” But human beings have never had the luxury of choosing between an untouched and interior foundational self and the necessities and often overwhelming responsibilities of the outer world. As leaders or idividual souls we are conversational creatures who shape a real identity only at the edge between the interior self and the practical world, between the here and the there, between how we need to be and what we need to do, and especially between the ground beneath our feet and the far horizon to which we have dedicated our individual or organizational hopes and plans.

Individuals will participate in three, three-day sessions taking place over a year, beginning October 2015 and ending in May 2016. Participants will emerge with a deeper sense of articulation and virtuosity around their own contribution to the leadership conversation, a foundational understanding of David’s and Invitas’ work and approach and its practical application to organizations, and most especially, a closer understanding of their own artful, courageous way of holding the leadership conversation. They will also become part of a network of practitioners who could be called on for Invitas’ future corporate work.

The curriculum will cover seven elements in making courageous conversations real, outlined by David Whyte through more than twenty five years of organizational experience and practiced in parallel by the Invitas team: Craig Fleck, Mitch Saunders and Libby Wagner.

Stopping the conversation you or the organization are having now.

Cultivating a friendship with the unknown: The disciplines of asking beautiful questions.

Coming to ground: Making contact with the courageous conversation.

Cultivating robust vulnerability: Moving the conversation along what David calls ‘the axis of vulnerability’. Asking for visible and invisible help.

Artistry: Developing and practicing your own form of artistry.

Making the invitation: The crucial marker of good leadership.

Bringing in the harvest: The ability to bring to a culmination all of the hard work we put into our preparation through the first six elements.

The course is designed to be deeply satisfying on a personal, physical and professional level. We take your own approach and what we see as your own artistry, (even if you do not believe you have one) seriously, and help to hone your physical voice, your ‘conversational presence’ in a room, and your verbal articulation and combine it with David’s and the Invitas team’s perspectives to create an experience beyond the ordinary. The continuity between seminars will be held through conversational partnerships among participants.

This will be a direct experience of the way David’s work combines everyday practicalities of management and leadership with the great questions of life.


May 21, 2017
May 24, 2017