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Foundations for Soulcraft, 2016

June 22, 2016 - June 26, 2016

$395 - $595

Foundations for Soulcraft™:Navigating the Wild Mind

June 22–26, 2016

With Sheila Belanger and Anne Hayden

Sliding Fee: $395–$595 (includes camping fees and all meals)

This camping program is an experiential immersion in Soulcraft ™ practices to support your personal journey into mature adulthood. The foundational practices stand alone as tools to live a more soul-centered life, and also form the core of our other Northwest Soulcraft programs.  Though it is not necessary to take this foundational program first, we highly recommend it as a starting point for exploring Soulcraft™, undertaking a Vision Quest, or entering our year-long program, Seasons of the Soul.

Based on Bill Plotkin’s new book, Wild Mind: A Field Guide to the Human Psyche, this intensive is an experiential exploration of the Nature-Based Map of the Psyche. Our human psyches are unique expressions of the universal forces and patterns of nature.

The Nature-Based Map of the Psyche serves as a guide to the healing and wholing work that is foundational to becoming fully human. Cultivating all four facets of our wholeness — and coming to understand both the limitations and gifts of our wounded, fragmented, or shadowed parts — are necessary steps toward living a soul-centered life.

Fern trailIn this program, you’ll explore the landscape of your individual psyche through creative expression, focused time alone in nature, group work, movement, voice dialogue, journaling, and other Soulcraft™ practices.

You’ll learn:

  • How to recognize and consciously cultivate the four primary dimensions of the Self — your innate wholeness
  • How to recognize the fragmented subpersonalities that supported you in childhood and adolescence to adapt to the challenges of social life, but ultimately became barriers to your full and authentic humanity
  • Practices and guidance for cultivating relationships between the Self and your wounded, shadow, or fragmented parts, allowing for healing and further growth
  • How each facet of your wholeness provides essential resources and capacities for the transformative work of the underworld journey (the descent to soul), which is the primary goal of most Animas programs
  • How to use the Map to cultivate a more soul-centered life.

This program provides an accessible and highly experiential immersion into the Nature-Based Map of the Psyche, developed by Bill Plotkin and other Animas guides over the past 15 years. Join us for a great introduction to Soulcraft™ or, for those of you with previous Animas experience, an opportunity to dive deeper.

The Nature-Based Map of the Psyche is a holistic model that differentiates four Stones1primary dimensions of our wholeness as well as the four kinds of fragmented, wounded, or shadowed parts of our personalities. The Map orients us to a way of understanding and experiencing our psyches as healthy and uniquely human expressions of the universal forces and patterns of nature.

The human psyche evolved organically in response to the challenges of living as a highly social mammal embedded in a wildly complex web of ecological relationships in an animate world. All the ways in which we think, feel, sense, and imagine arose in attunement to the rhythm of the day and the turning of the seasons, and in intimate relationship with myriad other life forms and forces. Although in everyday life we might feel cut off from the richness of our Earthly roots and relationships, the deep structure of the human psyche — the underlying patterns, universal archetypes, and innate capacities available to us all — has emerged from this living web.



June 22, 2016
June 26, 2016
$395 - $595