“Part of the Whidbey Institute’s path is to help people find their own authentic center point, the place in themselves where they are able to be at ease, to be resilient, to be flexible, and to be at peace.” —Joel Shrut

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Global Integrity Leadership Fall 2015 Retreat

October 4, 2015 - October 7, 2015

The Leadership Development Intensive: Bring all of who you are to everything you do.


Developing the leader as human being is the hardest, most enriching and enduring work that can be done. That’s why the LDI challenges and supports leaders in transforming themselves and developing the leverage to transform their organizations.

What does it take to succeed in your world today?
Could you be more effective with less effort?
Can you consistently turn conflict and resistance into positive change?
Do you sometimes get in your own way?
How will you move yourself and your people through what lies ahead?
How clear are you about your life purpose?
Would a simpler, more balanced life enhance your effectiveness?

As you consider these questions, we invite you to join us on a Richer Road. A road that focuses on the productive potential of people. A road which honors both clear, objective thinking and the importance of engaging people’s hearts. A road which addresses the sound business reasons for integrating the “hard” and “soft” sides of life.

8 outcomes you can count on:

Unhook yourself from reactions and patterns.
Resolve unresolveable conflicts with courage and grace.
Know the difference between problems to be solved and polarities to be managed.
Produce extraordinary results in the face of obstacles and resistance.
Integrate mind, body, and spirit by making significant lifestyle changes.
Turn your work into a powerful vehicle for rich, lifelong development.
Become a communicator who can hear and be heard.
Work with a greater sense of purpose.

Expand the Mind • Stretch the Body • Deepen the Spirit

This is not a “sit-down-and-take-notes” kind of experience. We help you learn to use capabilities you may have not known you possessed. Sessions are designed to challenge your current way of thinking, to relax and strengthen your body, and deepen your connection to that which is most important in your life.

To inquire about registration, email ldi-registration@gilgroupinc.com with the following information: 

Your Name; Your Email Address; Your Company Name; Your Company Address; Work Phone #; Cell Phone # (optional); and some good dates and times for us to try and contact you.


October 4, 2015
October 7, 2015