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Inner Equity

April 20 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

$22 – $66

We are being called to participate in social change. As we answer that call, we inevitably encounter references to “The Work” (with the CAPITAL “W”, of course!). When confronted with the charge to “Do The/Your Work”, we allow concern to prevent our curiosity from surfacing our deep question: “What IS ‘The Work’?”

I Offer You INNER EQUITY . . .

Many of us seek a personal reference point to understand all that swirls around us. When we are taught things, we file them according to what we already know. When we hear people’s stories, we process them in relation to our own experiences.

So, as we encounter concepts like Oppression, Privilege, Justice, and Inclusion, we may struggle to find resonance with how they interplay with identities we don’t hold, perspectives we don’t have, or experiences we don’t know.

I Invite You to INNER EQUITY . . .

In our time together, we’ll:

  • Explore three major dimensions of our being – physical, emotional, and social – to orient us to these voices within our “inner society”
  • Bring awareness to our internal power dynamics present within and among these three “inner communities”
  • Discover ways we can practice healthier relationship and heartful collaboration with our neglected, devalued, and targeted dimensions to cultivate a more equitable self.

I Welcome You to INNER EQUITY . . .

Join me as we explore what “The Work” may mean, for each and all of us, beyond just a reference.

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M-i-i-K (pronounced “Mike”) – He/Him/His – Black/Indigenous.

Learning facilitator by trade, experiential educator by desire, and lifelong learner by inheritance — Miik instigates dynamic, interactive, and adventurous experiences.

For over two decades, Miik has offered collective learning with populations spanning: across racial backgrounds; children to adults; homeless to affluent; developmentally typical to developmentally challenged; and, community to corporate. With all, he intuitively cultivates an inclusive relationship context.

In a society that is becoming more and more zeroes and ones, he’s naught-y, fractional, and as creatively infinite as a fractal. Miik revels in the spectrum of being a juxtaposed contradiction and everything in-between. He takes the high road, the low road, and moseys around the middle ground . . . just as a human does.

Being open to continuous learning and deep connection, Miik is a connective tidal wave embodying curiosity, playfulness, and evolution.


April 20
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
$22 – $66
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