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Lila: Divine Play Retreat

February 28, 2014 - March 2, 2014

Kick start your Spring by giving yourself permission to creatively play and explore the wonder of consciousness.  Revitalize and discover new spiritual practices. Wake up inspired & intrinsically motivated to connect to your center and live from a heart of love, a mind with clear purpose.  Explore & express life’s limitless creative possibilities. That’s Lila, Divine Play. Click here for a sneak peek video!

About the Retreat

We all know that giving attention to what matters most to us, that which we each consider Divine or Sacred, is quite literally the most ‘essential’ thing.  Whether one calls that center the Spirit, Source, one’s Heart of hearts, God, Nature or whatever, it is from the reality of that core relationship that we gain our inspiration, vision, mission and the vitality and creativity to manifest it each day.

Yet why does it tend to be so hard to nurture that relationship?  While we’ll spend some time looking at the obstacles, we’ll mostly be looking at a powerful solutions, returning to a childlike state of curiosity, wonder, creative exploration and play . . . rediscovering how to follow your ‘Divine Delight’.

What if you woke up each morning excited to dive into the Divine and to receive the inspiration, guidance and power you need to have a day filled with creativity, confidence, connection and joy? How might that improve your relationships, productivity & overall sense of life satisfaction?

Weekend Lila Retreats are an incredible way to dive into the depths of the divine.  Besides having a ton of fun, the level of insight, healing, guidance and breakthroughs that happen are incredible.

To reach a variety of personality types, as well as to delight and stretch each person, Leif uses a mix of practices & games drawn from improvisational theater, dance, movement, music and more.  The combination of different approaches provide multiple entry points for connection, discovery and insight – offering each person a way to find their own unique rhythm and style.

Detailed information, including our Frequently Asked Questions, can be found at

About Leif Hansen

Leif Hansen is a nationally recognized group facilitator, trainer & teacher.  His workshops have been featured on NBC’s Today Show, PBS & the LA Times. Leif is known for using highly engaging, playful and innovative processes, primarily from the field of Applied Improvisation, to accelerate personal growth, catalyze communities and transform organizations.  Leif’s personal mission is to help people creatively express their core passions in ways that make this world a more loving, magical and fun place to be.  His recent west coast tour of “Lila: Divine Play” retreats, focused on helping people playfully connect to the Divine, have been receiving rave reviews.



February 28, 2014
March 2, 2014