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Landscape of the Soul: a Celtic Center seminar

May 11 - May 13

Dr. Kirk Webb – Director, Teacher, and Facilitator

Kirk is a Spiritual Director, Professor, and Psychologist. He has worked as a Spiritual Director and Psychotherapist for over 20 years and taught extensively in graduate programs for psychology, counseling, spirituality, and theology. Kirk holds a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, a Master’s degree in Counseling, and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Seattle Pacific University. He has also studied at the Jungian Institute in Zurich. He takes regular pilgrimages to Ireland and has been richly guided by the depth and insights of Celtic spirituality and history. He incorporates a Celtic view of the soul in spiritual growth, spiritual direction, and personal belief and practice.

To learn more about Kirk, please visit his website at


“Landscape of the Soul” is a weekend of re-membering . . . who we are and our spiritual place within the geography of Nature.   We will be considering and experiencing the spiritual dimensions of the dialogue between the human soul and the glory of Nature.

The ancient and modern Celtic Christian and pre-Christian perspective locates us in an old and refreshingly new perspective of our human place amongst all “things”.   Modern Western culture seems intent upon seeing Nature as something to be used or conquered, whereas many older religions and cultures have held that Nature and the Human Soul are an equal and life-giving interplay of God’s revelation into the material world.  “Landscape of the Soul” is an exploration of Self as it is located in Spirit and how we reside in the sacred beauty of the land. Participants reflect upon and attend to the interrelated landscape around us and in us and deepen connection with Self, Nature, others, and God. The beauty of nature, through landscape and the Celtic Christian perspective, will be the instigator and frame of the conversation.

We live much of our lives dislocated from the experience of belonging and the confession of interdependence. What have we forgotten?  Why are we willing to miss the experience of relationship with the Eternal while settling for small controlling illusions? How does the ebb and flow of landscape mirror the original cadence of belonging? How do we return to our rhythm?   These questions will guide our time together and move us toward the peace of our original design.  Retreating into the wonder of ancient Puget Sound and Salish Sea beauty, participants will emerge with a deeper sense of call and responsibility and return to the landscape of our daily lives with deliberate and compassionate practices and purpose.

“Landscape of the Soul” offers:
• Deepening our experience of Spirit, Earth and the Human Collective to discover our relationship and interdependence with one another.
• Restorative retreat in the glorious beauty of Whidbey Island and the grandeur of the Pacific Northwest.
• Outstanding food, rest, and conversation at the Whidbey Institute.
• Encouragement to take our renewed seeing and experiencing of Self in Nature back into our unique context to participate in the restoration of Earth as a spiritual discipline, opportunity and responsibility.
• Lectures, small group discussion, introduction to related spiritual practices, quiet times of guided and unguided contemplation, and walks in the woods.  Poetry will play a prominent role in the presentations.

Optional Spiritual Direction Certificate Program
You are invited to any of the seminars or retreat experiences offered by The Celtic Center such as “Landscape of the Soul” as you desire to enhance your own spiritual and personal journey. Additionally, we hope you will consider taking a deeper dive by considering the 2-year program  to prepare you to guide others effectively as you offer spiritual direction. As you complete the entire program, you will receive a Certificate in Spiritual Direction and the confidence and skills that enable you to guide others with proficiency, artistry, and wisdom.

Kirk Webb will serve as presenter, facilitator, and trainer at each seminar. Additionally, a variety of experienced spiritual directors, Celtic scholars, practitioners, and psychologists will join to present subject material and facilitate group growth and training experiences throughout the sessions.

The entire Spiritual Direction Certificate program involves six seminars. The seminar series is unique in that we draw upon Celtic Christian perspectives as a way of understanding the human journey, particularly considering the relationship of Soul and Nature to inform the cycles of our spiritual life.

We hope to see you at further seminars this fall and several retreats and seminars next year.

1. The Celtic Spirit (Introduction to Celtic Themes)
2. Landscape of the Soul (A Celtic Conversation of Soul and Nature)
3. Coming Home (Spiritual Development across the Human Lifespan)
4. Storied Spirit (Myth, Fairy Tales, and Dreams as Portals into Spiritual Narrative)
5. Soul Text (Reading and Applying Sacred “Text” as our Spiritual Guide):
6. Divine Community (Relational and Community Life and Practice as Dignity and Responsibility)

About the Celtic Center
The Celtic Center invites you to explore your life from a Celtic spiritual perspective. We offer personal formation teaching, retreats, and experiential learning as well as an 18-month training program in Spiritual Direction to assist you in your good work of guiding others to deep and meaningful life.

The ancient and contemporary Celtic perspective provides a way into meaningful life, spiritual growth, and a path to connecting with God, Self, and Nature that trusts that the human soul has a rich history of living harmoniously in dialogue with Nature and with the Divine in order to create meaningful and substantial lives. Our programs assist the soul on its life-long journey and encourage an interconnection with the beauty of Creation, the vitality of thriving relationships with one another in community, and a contemplative encounter with the Divine.


May 11
May 13
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