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Personal Leadership Seminars 2016

February 23, 2016 - February 29, 2016

Two Personal Leadership Seminars run concurrently at the Whidbey Institute. Both are described in greater detail below.

  1. Personal Leadership Foundations Seminar (no pre-requisites).
  2. The Artistry of Personal Leadership: Training-of-Facilitators Seminar.

Making a World of Difference: Foundations Program – A PLSeminars Event

Leadership across difference is a critical skill for navigating a globalized world and for working effectively in our local communities.Today’s realities demand that more of us learn to interact effectively with people who are different from ourselves and within situations that are not at all what we expect. We are called to form dynamic healthy personal and professional relationships, as well as to harness the inherent innovation and creativity offered when differing ideas come together.

Leaders, as never before, must:

lead at work, juggling competing demands, tight timelines, and rapidly changing contexts,
lead in communities, to organize for sustainability and civic action,
lead and learn with neighbors and co-workers, cultivating genuine relationships, and
lead our families as dynamic systems and ourselves as complex, multi-faceted individuals, nurturing both strength and compassion.

This seminar is grounded in the Personal Leadership™ method of two principles, six practices, and the process technology called the Critical Moment Dialogue. It offers a practice-based, reliable, and infinitely repeatable process for determining the best way to move forward (now, and now, and now) with confidence and ease. The practice helps people stay connected to their internal wisdom and creativity and to discern right action at all times, especially when faced with change, the unfamiliar, and in times of personal or professional transition.

The Artistry of Personal Leadership: Training-of-Facilitators Seminar

A Development Opportunity to Increase Your Capacity, Knowledge, and Skill for Facilitating Personal Leadership in Professional Contexts.

Personal Leadership (PL) is a simple method and can appear deceptively easy to facilitate. However, just as practitioners quickly discover the profound nuances of the principles and practices, so too do facilitators quickly discover the depth and complexity of facilitating PL learning events. Training of Facilitator (ToF) seminars provide a learning community for examining the dynamics of facilitating PL, and open access to participants who then may choose to become members of the PLSeminars Facilitator Community of Practice.

This seminar is for experienced designers and facilitators, although you may be new to Personal Leadership itself.

It is intended for those who currently facilitate learning events which incorporate the Personal Leadership methodology, or who intend to do so in the future, and who want to maximize the effectiveness of their work.

It is designed for both first-time ToF seminar participants, and also for past participants who are continuing their skill development towards recognition as Senior Facilitators in the PLSeminars Facilitator Community of Practice.


a) completion of one or more of the following seminars or their equivalent (contact us if you have questions): Personal Leadership Foundations; the SIIC Fellows Program; EPIC: Essential Practice for Intercultural Competence; or Personal Leadership: A Year of Living the Practices, or

b) completion of a self-study program of the Personal Leadership methodology through reading and applying “Making a World of Difference. Personal Leadership: A Methodology of Two Principles and Six Practices” by B. Schaetti, S. Ramsey and G. Watanabe.

Four Components:

  1. a three-day PL Foundations seminar with all ToF participants attending,
  2. three days of ToF-specific face-to-face sessions, two days held before and one day held after the Foundations seminar,
  3. two ToF-specific virtual plenary sessions of two hours, held after the face-to-face ToF session,
  4. individual pre-work prior to the face-to-face session, and individual and virtual partner work between the face-to-face and virtual plenary sessions.


February 23, 2016
February 29, 2016