“We come together at the Whidbey Institute because we need each other. The work of maturing ourselves, our structures, and the cultures into which we invite new generations is urgent and ongoing." —Heather Johnson

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Small Wonders: Mosses and Lichens with Larry Daloz

April 29


Larry Daloz, Small Wonders: Mosses and Lichens of the Chinook Lands

April 29 10:00 – 12:30. Recommended contribution of $25; $5 scholarship rate; $45 supporting rate.

Larry Daloz has spent years on his knees discovering and photographing mosses and lichens. His macrophotography is on display at the Whidbey Art Gallery. Some of the most wondrous mosses and lichens on the planet live right here on South Whidbey. Have you ever looked closely at their fragile beauty, wondered how they grow, or wanted to learn their names? Spend the middle of the day with Larry Daloz, Senior Fellow of Whidbey Institute and confirmed bryophile. Delight yourself, amaze your friends with your new knowledge, meet other members of the select band of bryophiles. No experience or prior knowledge necessary!


This event is part of the Learning from the Land 2018 Event Series. Learn more here!


April 29
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