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The Beautiful Revolution

December 14, 2014


The Beautiful Revolution: A Conversation between a Mystic and an Activist
Join Elias Amidon and Elizabeth Rabia Roberts from 2 to 5 pm, Sunday, December 14, at the Whidbey Institute. There is no fee for attending this gathering, although to help cover our expenses we appreciate your donation in the bowl by the entrance door.

Our intention for this gathering is to spend a Sunday afternoon together in deep conversation about the concurrence of the insights of nondual realization with the imperatives of cultural and political transformation, and what this all means for our lives and the generations that will follow us.

As philosopher-activist Richard Hames has remarked, “Embedded dualistic thinking and practices have betrayed us into fabricating a world that benefits fewer and fewer people.” In the format of a conversation between a mystic, Elias, and an activist, Rabia, (although we both frequently switch these roles), we will look to discern patterns in the profound transformations that are occurring in our time—what we are calling “the beautiful revolution”—and how understanding these patterns can help us both contribute to positive change and cope with the myopia, injustice, and violence we witness in the world.

Elias and Rabia have spent their lives engaged in the three great social change movements of our time: peace, social justice, and the environment, along with following an inclusive and rigorous journey of spiritual awakening. We imagine that many of you who join this Sunday gathering at the Institute will come with a similar heritage, and we look forward to a stimulating dialogue together.

The two have worked together for many years in the fields of peace, social justice, and environmental activism in countries ranging from Burma, Thailand, and Indonesia to Syria, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Rabia began her activist career in Selma with Dr. Martin Luther King, going on to develop several non-profit projects dealing with population, education, and women’s rights. Elias taught ecologically sustainable human-scale design, and worked for many years with indigenous tribes in Burma and Thailand on land-rights issues. Together they helped to establish several schools: the Institute for Deep Ecology, the graduate program in Environmental Leadership at Naropa University, the Spirit in Education Movement in Thailand, and the Boulder Institute for Nature and the Human Spirit.


December 14, 2014