“Part of the Whidbey Institute’s path is to help people find their own authentic center point, the place in themselves where they are able to be at ease, to be resilient, to be flexible, and to be at peace.” —Joel Shrut

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The Open Path: Awakened Presence, Effortless Action

July 25, 2013 - July 28, 2013


The Open Path is a non-sectarian approach to spiritual realization. It is a path dedicated to the direct experience of our natural state — a state known as Pure Awareness, Selflessness, Nonduality, Oneness, Original Spirit, and by many other names. It is a process of natural enlightenment that belongs to everyone.
To travel the open path does not require following a belief system or a specific set of esoteric practices or ritual forms. What is required is that we relax into the awake openness of our original nature, free from assumptions about who we are or conclusions about what is real. What is required is that we relax from compulsive doing and mental commenting and recognize the immanence of the here-and-now for what it naturally is.

With this unadorned recognition we experience release from our insecurities, self-doubt, and judgments of others. As a result we are able to respond spontaneously to whatever comes up for us with equanimity, creativity, and with a kind heart.

The Open Path training serves as a constant reminder of the ever-present peace, fearlessness, and unity that are always available to each of us. Elias’ gentle, compassionate instruction and evident embodiment of the practices in his own life have revealed the ground from which I can face both the mundane and seemingly dramatic turns of life simply, quietly, with increasing ease and confidence that perfection is already here in the totality of this moment.” – Chris Covey, Open Path Participant

Elias Amidon is the spiritual director (Pir) of the Sufi Way. He has been an initiate of the Sufi Way for the past 42 years, and was appointed as the Pir of the order in 2004 by the previous Pir, Sitara Brutnell. His root teacher in the order was Pir Fazal Inayat-Khan. He has also studied with Qadiri Sufis in Morocco, Theravaden Buddhist teachers in Thailand, Native American teachers of the Assemblies of the Morning Star, Christian monks in Syria, and Zen teachers of the White Plum Sangha.

Course Fees

Tuition for the program is U.S. $1800
For students who have previously completed the 9-month training, tuition is $1200

Additional Retreat Costs for each session at the Whidbey Institute are:

$450 On-site — includes lodging, meals, and facilities fee (+ WA State Sales Tax)
$300 Off-site — includes meals, and facilities fee (+ WA State Sales Tax)


July 25, 2013
July 28, 2013