“Part of the Whidbey Institute’s path is to help people find their own authentic center point, the place in themselves where they are able to be at ease, to be resilient, to be flexible, and to be at peace.” —Joel Shrut

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Warrior Monk Retreat: Rare Summer Opportunity!

June 13 - June 17

In our aspirations of becoming fully human, we find ourselves always changing, always growing. And if we’re blessed, at certain times in our journey we find ourselves faced with opportunities for transformation, of moving ourselves in mind, heart and soul toward greater and lasting levels of inner peace, meaning, purpose and joy.

The Warrior Monk training has been refined and practiced for more than 20 years, in more than 100 retreats, with the intention of supporting those who find themselves ready for this kind of fundamental shift in relationship to their self, others and the world. This is our purpose, and our commitment.


Participants join staff in co-creating a safe, connected and powerful container, where we experientially incorporate old and newly created practices of the world’s wisdom traditions—East and West, ancient and modern, spiritual and psychological.

Over four days and nights we weave together teaching, mindfulness, process work, movement, play, and heartfelt and supportive sharing to create a cauldron for each individual’s desired development.

We’ve created a deep immersion experience that participants consistently and paradoxically describe as timeless and restorative, yet intense and stirring. There is quiet and tender peacefulness, contrasted at times with raucous joy and fun. The emotional rhythm is one of ecstasy to sobriety and back again – mirroring this human experience of being fully alive.

In a grounded and loving collaboration, we end up creating an elegant, connected and powerful experience that provides the energy, support and grace needed to provide deep and lasting growth. Together, we make practical the work of evolving individual authenticity, compassion and spirituality.

Wednesday June 13, 4 pm to Sunday June 17, 3 pm

Group limited to 22 participants

Participants pay for meals and lodging ($580) in advance and are asked to make a tuition contribution based on value received, ability to pay, and desire to support the work

To register CLICK HERE or contact Michael Fortune, 541-224-1322

Email Dan McKee.


I consider the Warrior Monk retreat to be one of the most comprehensively, holistically healing experiences of my life. Grappling with the difficult concept of “reality” and merging that focus with profound exercises to move and release emotional, psychological, and spiritual energy, within the context of great self-compassion and the practice of mindfulness: what a brilliant creation this is! Add wise teachings from multiple traditions, and wise Teachers, and the path of personal mission, and the door truly opens to a sustained experience of my life much more awakened.

Michel Leger, counselor, New Mexico

To witness and be witnessed in a circle of caring people is a powerful experience when one dares to enter the realm of deep honesty and vulnerability. To be able do this in a safe space where we gather to share and strengthen mindfulness, curiosity of the soul, and community, is a rare gift to be treasured. At WarriorMonk retreat, I felt lovingly embraced as we were invited to explore the muddy waters of the psyche and heart. Five days of focused engagement in a personal and collective healing process helped me reconnect with my clearer, stronger, more loving self that yearns to live a life of service. The retreat gave me the opportunity to simultaneously surrender and take full control of the healing process, and return to the world with renewed love and conviction.

Ginna Malley Campos, community activist, Puerto Rico

Warrior Monk was a wonderful adventure that guided me on an exploration of my inner soul and mind I’d not experienced, even though I’d done a lot of personal work previously. It helped immensely to demystify and solidify my greater life purpose and unravel some old limiting beliefs about myself. The tools that I learned have been woven into my life practice for years now, and have enabled me to consistently come back to center when the world around me starts to swirl. I was humbled by the experience and met some wonderful people who have turned into life-long friends.

Sean Ballard, HR Leader, Maryland

Warrior Monk was the perfect medicine for my heart and soul. I recently came to Warrior Monk with a lack of clarity on who I truly am and what’s most important to me these days. And, even with a committed lifetime of service to others, a stagnant sense of my purpose and what’s mine to do in mission. I came with very low energy and little passion for anything of substance or depth. I left with a profound reconnection to who I really am; deep teachings that have been imprinted on my bones; and a huge renewed commitment to serve. Most of all I’ve gained a deep appreciation for this life that flows through this body. I’m deeply grateful.

Ed Fell, therapist, Hawaii



June 13
June 17
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