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Events - Whidbey Institute

  • $760.00 – Single Lodging
  • $735.00 – Shared Lodging

Date & Time Details: Begins 3 pm on Friday, October 18, 2019
Ends 2 pm on Sunday, October 20th, 2019

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Tender Wild Writing Retreat

October 18 - 20, 2019

Registration Rate, solo lodging: $760
Registration Rate, shared lodging: $735

Join us as we explore the wild parts of writing, the tender stories that must be told, and ways to engage yourself and others in writing practices that bring life back.

Join Bethany Bylsma, Tyler Dunning, and fifteen of your newest soul-friends on this 3-day writing retreat exploring the therapeutic benefits of writing.

Bethany and Tyler have been friends for over a decade. After living in San Diego and working for a non-profit together, they both followed separate paths out of California, landing in Seattle. Pen-pals for the entire time, they recorded their lives and moments in notebooks sent around the world.

Tyler is now a professional writer, working for the Mountaineers in Washington, and Bethany is a therapist in private practice in Seattle. They don’t write letters to each other anymore, but are excited to share the treasures that writing can bring to an intimate group this fall.

Offerings and opportunities include:

  • Workshops on therapeutic writing, poetry, non-fiction, publishing, pen-pals, writing through grief, and rediscovering the sacredness of the written word
  • Daily yoga and mindfulness practice
  • Forest walks/hikes through the land
  • Locally sourced meals
  • Open space and writing time

This writing retreat is not only a space to write, reflect, and learn—it is also a space to be quiet, to connect to the rhythms of the earth and the stories of the land, and to allow your body and mind to both rest and be enlivened to write again. Write down what is in your bones, write down what your heart cannot let go of, write for health and healing, write for necessity.

All costs include lodging at the Whidbey Institute’s Cabin Village, deliciously fresh meals, and carefully tended workshop guidance. Please fill out the form here before registering!

**To pay by check, to inquire about scholarship opportunities, or if you have any trouble registering, please contact [email protected]

There is a 100% refund for cancelations before August 15, 2019.
50% refund for cancellations made by September 10th, 2019
There are no refunds after September 10, 2019, although you may transfer your registration to another participant at anytime.

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