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Events - Whidbey Institute

  • $120.00 – Standard Tuition
  • $100.00 – RDI Alumni Tuition

Date & Time Details: Arrival is at 9:00 AM.
Program runs from 9:30 to 5:30 and includes lunch.

Location: Thomas Berry Hall

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Music as Medicine

With Penny Livingston and Lydia Violet Harutoonian

October 20, 2019

Penny Livingston & Lydia Violet Harutoonian will lead us through a day-long immersion in their Music As Medicine program, interweaving community singing, land-based connection, and Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects (WTR).

The Work That Reconnects is a dynamic, interactive body of work developed by Joanna Macy, a scholar and respected elder in systems theory, deep ecology, and Buddhism as well as 50+ years of international activism. Together we’ll learn tools, meditations, and concepts that we can rest into and organize with, in our desires to be effective allies to both planet and people.

Singing in a council of friends is one of the most healthful, encouraging, invigorating, and nourishing things that we know. Hearts opened by grief and celebration want to sing their songs of longing, despair, belonging, reckoning, valiant warrior-ship, and gentle loving kindness. We will experience the teachings of Joanna Macy, deep connection practices with the land at the Whidbey Institute, and the power of music and harmonies to resources us as we face both the peril and promise of our time.

Hosted by the Regenerative Design Institute.


Penny Livingston
Penny Livingston-Stark is internationally recognized as a prominent permaculture teacher, designer, and speaker. She holds a MS in Eco-Social Regeneration and a Diploma in Permaculture Design. Penny has been studying the Hermetic Tradition of alchemy and herbal medicinemaking in Europe and the United States for 4 years. She is co-founder of the Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness program which focuses on integrating deep nature connection, the language of the birds and forest with permaculture practice of ecosystem restoration. Penny is co-founder and director of Regenerative Design Institute and has been teaching permaculture and community resiliency internationally as well as working…
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Lydia Violet Harutoonian
Lydia Violet Harutoonian has studied dedicatedly with deep ecology elder and Buddhist scholar Joanna Macy for the past decade, learning how we can metabolize our pain for the world into energy for resilience, action, and community. She is the founder and director of The Music As Medicine Project, an organization dedicated to creating accessible programming that combines live music, music education, Macy’s work, and social justice work as tools for cultivating resilient cultures in our communities. Lydia Violet is also an accomplished Iranian-American multi-instrumentalist, and in her solo project she weaves together Southern blues, American roots, and Iranian folk music…
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