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Events - Whidbey Institute

  • SHARED DOUBLE, with short walk to bathrooms – $1,287.00
  • PRIVATE SINGLE LEGACY CABIN, short walk to bathrooms – $1,332.00
  • SHARED DOUBLE, with attached bath – $1,332.00
  • PRIVATE QUEEN, short walk to bathrooms – $1,467.00
  • PRIVATE SINGLE, with short walk to bathrooms – $1,467.00
  • PRIVATE SINGLE, with attached shared bathroom – $1,512.00
  • PRIVATE QUEEN, attached bathroom – $1,557.00
  • COMMUTER – $792.00
  • (Prices are for all 3 Invitas sessions and include $522.00 for meals. All bathrooms are shared.)

Date & Time Details: 3 Sessions:
Sun. November 3 - Wed. November 6, 2019
Sun. February 23 - Wed. February 26, 2020
Sun. May 17 - Wed. May 20, 2020

All sessions start at 5 pm and end at 1 pm.

Location: Whidbey Institute

Address: 6449 Old Pietila Road Clinton, WA 98236

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Invitas (1 of 3)

With David Whyte, Craig Fleck, Gayle Karen Young and MaryLiz Smith

November 3 - 6, 2019

NOTE: This registration is for lodging and meals only—to register for the program itself, visit

Whether you’re a leader, coach or consultant, or simply wishing to navigate your organizations and communities with more wisdom, if you would like a close community and expert guidance, we invite you to join David Whyte, Craig Fleck, Gayle Karen Young Whyte and Maryliz Smith for three, three-day sessions, beginning November 2019 and concluding May, 2020, at the beautiful Whidbey Institute.

“Our work is to build presence, instinct and artistry, in order to shape a self or an organization equal to the extraordinary nature of the world.”

You will be part of a small community working collaboratively and intensively to apply the Seven Steps of Conversational Leadership within the personal and professional contexts of your lives. We will support your discernment around what critical, necessary leadership conversations you’re being asked to engage, amidst changing environments.

Participants are led and supported to engage their own unique artistry. Come as you are and immerse yourself in the profound experience that makes Conversational Leadership stand apart from other programs, with an exceptional community of faculty and participants, poetry, music, and connection with the natural world.


David Whyte
DAVID WHYTE has written extensively on courageous conversations as a way of more fully engaging with our work, our relationship partners and our deepest desires. A poet, author, lecturer and Associate Fellow at Said Business School, University of Oxford, he has developed a body of work on creativity and organizational development. His pioneering work in the area of courageous conversations has brought him into some of the top organizations and executive education programs in the world.
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Craig Fleck
CRAIG FLECK has been a consultant to business, education, healthcare and non-profits for over twenty years. His work has held common threads of developing leaders, cultivating organizational learning and implementing generative changes across diverse sets of stakeholders. His experience with this broad base of clients has heightened his respect for leaders confronted by today’s pressures and deepened his commitment to the power of courageous conversations to steward more vital organizations.
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Gayle Karen Young
GAYLE KAREN YOUNG has focused throughout her career on being a catalyst for human and organizational development. She has a rich organizational consulting background with both corporate and nonprofit clients, and was in the process of becoming a monk when she became an executive instead. She joyously took on the role of Chief Culture and Talent Officer at the Wikimedia Foundation until early 2015, when she decided to return to private practice. Born in the Philippines to Chinese parents and raised in the United States, she carries a multicultural perspective, an adventurous spirit, and a deep commitment to expanding human…
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MaryLiz Smith
MARYLIZ SMITH has been bringing her unique style of music and insight into the world for many years. When she brings her signature of music into the domain of organizations, she asks age-old questions of identity in work, relationships, and self. She is an independent coach, international performance artist, composer and community leader. Her presentations take many different forms, from keynote talks at conferences to residential retreats. She forms longstanding relationships with individuals and communities.
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