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Raymond Neal

Raymond Neal is a Project Director at Human Impact Partners. As a native Wisconsinite he takes great pride in the opportunity to support the development of healthy communities. Raymond has always sought opportunities to cultivate experiences and relationships, placing a premium on growth and development. Mindful and introspective, honest and charismatic, Raymond has a personality that thrives in any industry focused on human development. He’s a listener, a thinker, a perpetual learner who isn’t afraid to have difficult conversations. He is passionately devoted toward creating a more just world and firmly believes that in order to do so, one must first engage in self-reflection to unlearn internalized messages which perpetuate injustices. He believes the exploration of our relationships with ourselves, others, and the systems we all create and maintain is key to the development of opportunities and spaces for individual behavior shifts and organizational transformation.

Events with Raymond Neal

Dare to Connect WE-LAB
August 17 - 21, 2022

  This interactive workshop with the Solfire Relational Institute will create a space to explore and support our capacity for a “we-space” that embraces our differences and maximizes our practice in connecting with each other across those differences with curiosity and fierce love.  The workshop begins on Wednesday afternoon, August 17 with arrivals before dinner and ends at noon on Sunday, August 21, with lunch available before departure.    Are you drawn to engaging with others across racial, generational, ethnic, gender, religious, and class differences in ways that account for inequitable power relations and structures?  Do you desire to experience…