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Faculty - Whidbey Institute

Peggy Taylor

Peggy Taylor, M.Ed., is a master facilitator, musician, and writer known for her innovations in creative facilitation. She is co-founder of PYE Global and Power of Hope, international NGO’s dedicated to unleashing the creative potential in young people.

Events with Peggy Taylor

Whidbey Winter Gathering
January 23, 2020

Embracing Love and Joy in Chaotic Times: 2020 Whidbey Winter Gathering 2020 is a momentous year! As we move toward the critically important 2020 US elections, we are seeing a global awakening to the stark realities of the climate crisis; increasingly polarized politics; exponential technological change; and ever-increasing income inequality. As we ride these turbulent waves of change, we need to bring our hearts and minds together to explore best strategies for working for positive change. The need to form heart-centered communities that help us choose love and compassion over fear and hate has never been clearer. This is why we are…