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Placida Gallegos

Placida Gallegos has been an organization development consultant and executive coach for the past 30 years engaged in supporting diverse individuals, groups and organizations in thriving and achieving optimal outcomes.  Her work spans a wide range of industries including corporations, non-profits, foundations, educational institutions and governmental agencies.  Solfire Consulting Group specializes in strategic culture change work, supporting organizations in recognizing and more fully utilizing their diverse talent and untapped potential through the practice of inclusive leadership. Throughout her career in academia and organizational consulting, she has supported the creation of healthier, more inclusive cultures where people can contribute their individual and cultural strengths. 

Recent publications include a chapter in “Diversity Resistance in Organizations” edited by Kecia M. Thomas (2020) and another in Ferdman and Deane’s “Diversity at Work: The Practice of Inclusion” entitled “The Work of Inclusive Leadership:  Fostering Authentic Relationships, Modeling Courage and Humility” and a chapter co-authored with Ilene Wasserman in “The NTL Handbook of Organization Development and Change” entitled “Diversity and Inclusion in Organizational Practice.”