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Faculty - Whidbey Institute

Judith Waldman and Kara-Lee Ruotolo

Judith Waldman, MSW, Director of “Women’s Journeys” and co-author of “Stand, Flow, Shine: Caring for the Woman Within” ( brings many wonderful years as a national workshop leader, and trainer for other leaders. “Leading workshops and retreats for groups of women is a great pleasure in my life – providing experiences that are nurturing, healing, empowering, and joyful.”

Kara-Lee Ruotolo, MA.Ed, began practicing and studying yoga in Seattle in 1995 and spreads her love of yoga and mindfulness wherever she can. She is passionate about community building and is currently bringing mindfulness into professional development trainings for teachers and administrators in schools, small businesses, and to families.

Events with Judith Waldman and Kara-Lee Ruotolo

Inner Knowing: Women's Retreat for Mindfulness, Empowerment and Enjoyment
December 6, 2019

Inner Knowing: Women’s Retreat for Mindfulness, Empowerment and Enjoyment Welcome to our journey together. We invite you to join us, Judith and Kara-Lee, and this gathering of women, as we nurture our senses, create energy and balance, and enjoy our creativity. We bring women together to deepen our connection with ourselves and with others and to strengthen our ability to create change within and in the world at large: We care, we share, we learn, and we have fun. We are providing a time for reflection and growth, self-care, and self-knowing in order to enhance our ability to live with…