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Gregory Flynn

Gregory Flynn is a partner in Connection Works. He’s a coach, a facilitator, and a collaborator to those who are interested in a journey of personal and professional development.

He began working in leadership development, facilitation, and coaching more than fifteen years ago in the non-profit field, supporting people as they found their voice at work. He’s since expanded his work to include the private and government sectors in both internal roles and as a consultant. He especially loves working with people – individually and collectively – who are in a state of transition. And, hey, these days, who isn’t?

In addition to his organizational work, Greg is also passionate about doing work with male-identified folks, facilitating men’s groups as well as individual coaching. His own background in men’s work includes his work in the Mankind Project, as well as being a part of numerous men’s groups in California and Washington. He began ‘Men Connecting’, a group that meets weekly, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and runs a 10-week program for white-bodied men to explore topics of race and anti-racism called ‘Men Connecting: Understanding Whiteness’.

A passionate life-long learner, Greg has a certificate in Integral Transformative Leadership from Pacific Integral’s Generating Transformative Change program (certified via Saybrook University). His undergrad degree was inspired by his love of the arts – a BA in music at Colorado State University. When not working, Greg can be found reading, writing, getting outside, and joining his wife in playing with their irresistibly cute dog, Buckley.