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Gregory Flynn

Gregory Flynn is a partner in Connection Works. He’s a coach, a facilitator, and a collaborator to those who are interested in a journey of personal and professional development.

He began working in leadership development, facilitation, and coaching more than fifteen years ago in the non-profit field, supporting people as they found their voice at work. He’s since expanded his work to include the private and government sectors in both internal roles and as a consultant. He especially loves working with people – individually and collectively – who are in a state of transition. And, hey, these days, who isn’t?

In addition to his organizational work, Greg is also passionate about doing work with male-identified folks, facilitating men’s groups as well as individual coaching. His own background in men’s work includes his work in the Mankind Project, as well as being a part of numerous men’s groups in California and Washington. He began ‘Men Connecting’, a group that meets weekly, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and runs a 10-week program for white-bodied men to explore topics of race and anti-racism called ‘Men Connecting: Understanding Whiteness’.

A passionate life-long learner, Greg has a certificate in Integral Transformative Leadership from Pacific Integral’s Generating Transformative Change program (certified via Saybrook University). His undergrad degree was inspired by his love of the arts – a BA in music at Colorado State University. When not working, Greg can be found reading, writing, getting outside, and joining his wife in playing with their irresistibly cute dog, Buckley.

Events with Gregory Flynn

Cultivating Resilience Through Connection
September 30 - October 2, 2022

A Connection Works Retreat at the Whidbey Institute What do you think of when you hear the word “resilience”?   We think of surfing. There are the big, exciting waves that carry us to shore in a ride of exhilaration, a celebration of our skill and our connection to what is happening in that moment. Then, there are the big, overwhelming waves that engulf us in a spin of out-of-controlness, a reminder that life will surprise us—and that skill isn’t everything.  And then there are the troughs. The calm moments between waves where we can rest, reflect, take stock, and prepare…