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Bethany Bylsma

As a therapist, play, art, archetypal psychology, relationships and tears are used to tenderly help my clients uncover the stories of ache and joy that lie just beneath the surface of every human heart. As a clinical supervisor I have used my own stories of pain and growth over the past 10 years to mentor and teach. As a woman I am fiercely protective of the fire in the belly of woman to be seen, heard, and understood – EVEN in the messiest of emotions.

As an intuitive and playful artist, I have discovered that there can be much healing when our hands are digging in the ground outside or covered in flour in a kitchen. I have spent years traveling the world (hello missionary kid!) and soaking in the stories that have become the heartbeat of everything I do. I understand the type of magic and healing and growth that can occur when we step into community to share our stories and am adamant to share this joy with others.