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Caverly Morgan

Caverly Morgan is a meditation teacher, nonprofit leader, and visionary. She is the founder of Presence Collective, dedicated to igniting personal transformation and collective awakening. She is also the founder and Lead Contemplative of Peace in Schools — a nonprofit which created the nation’s first for-credit mindfulness class in public high schools.

Caverly blends the original spirit of Zen with a modern nondual approach. Her practice began in 1995 and has included eight years of training in a silent Zen monastery. She has been teaching contemplative practice since 2001.

Caverly is the author of A Kids Book About Mindfulness. Her new book for adults – “The Heart of Who We Are: Realizing Freedom Together” – will be released through Sounds True in the fall of 2022.


Photo by Vineet Teames

Events with Caverly Morgan

Sinking the Mind into the Heart
July 25 - 31, 2022

“There is no wrong way to truth. There is only one celebration after another. Love overflowing with itself.” (Caverly Morgan) How do we trust in the process of collective healing if what we are feeling is a deep sense of separation? What is it that moves us to come on retreat? Especially after a long period of absence of being in person together in this way. We all long to be happy. To know truth – the truth of our true nature – even if we don’t always have words for it. We all long to know that truth is…