Executive Chef Christyn Johnson and her dedicated staff have helped give the Whidbey Institute our reputation for warm hospitality and incredibly sumptuous, wholesome meals.

Part of the draw is Christyn’s deep reverence for food as an essential part of a healthy, balanced life. Her thoughtful yet creative menus celebrate the bounty of the Institute’s organic gardens and the local seasonal produce. “Food is an integral part of life,” says Christyn. “I am grateful to rejoice in every phase of it. I honor the earth while getting my hands dirty in the soil of my garden, then delight in honoring ourselves by carefully preparing each ingredient to bring out its natural flavor in a symphony of other flavors. Because food is a celebration of our essence, I also love that my kitchen is filled with gratitude, light and joy. Our bodies and souls receive that chi along with the nutritional value of the meal.”

ChristynShe also provides a keen discernment of the specific needs of each group or gathering. A master at attuning her meals to a vast array of dietary preferences and restrictions, Christyn not only welcomes but embraces raw, plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free diners.

In addition to cooking beautiful, nourishing meals at the Whidbey Instiute, Christyn is a Certified Raw Food Chef who provides handcrafted organic, raw vegan meals to a local customers each week. She has a flare for creating decadent, vibrant and nourishing dishes. Chef Christyn’s professional journey has included formal training as well as a lifetime in fine dining hospitality. She carries her vast culinary experiences and travel into Global Vegetarian cuisine.

We hope you will revel in the love and pampering our kitchen is famous for the next time you’re with us and in the buffet line. Our kitchen crew hopes that you will stop, say hi, and ask questions. They are always eager to tell you where your food comes from and how it was made!