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Our next program inquiry/application period is March 1-31, 2023.

In filling our program calendar for 2023 and beyond, we use a quarterly application process. We hope this supports program leaders in finding a long-term home for purpose aligned work at the Whidbey Institute. For one month each quarter, we invite inquiries that align with our initiatives around racial equity, transformative change, embodied leadership, climate action, and self-organization.

For program inquiry forms submitted in March 2023, our team will respond by the end of April 2023.

If you submitted a program inquiry form during our December 2022 application period, the team will respond by the end of January 2023.

The quarterly program application is also a path towards a conversation with us about available dates, rates, facilities, tours, and other aspects of bringing your work to the Whidbey Institute. 

If you have a program proposal that aligns with our mission to nurture the conditions for transformation and are considering the Whidbey Institute as a long-term home for your program, please bookmark this page and return to apply quarterly in March, June, September or December. For your planning purposes, the questions on our form are provided at the bottom of this page.

Applications are considered by fit, not by date received within the open application period. Applications received on the last day of the open application month are given equal consideration as applications received on the first day of that month. 

Our main campus features multiple indoor gathering spaces including Thomas Berry Hall, the Commons and the Sanctuary. Lodging options include the Farmhouse, Granny’s, and Cabin Village with Heritage, Hillside, and Meadow Row Cabins. Tent camping space is also available in season. Storyhouse in Legacy Forest is a serene gathering place in a remote corner of our 106 acre campus. Storyhouse has an indoor meeting room, outdoor stage, porta-potties, grassy meadow, and forested trails nearby. 

There also numerous outdoor spaces to take advantage of including meadows throughout the campus, flagstone patios, open-sided shelters, a labyrinth, and four-plus miles of maintained trails.

The Whidbey institute is equipped with a fully staffed commercial kitchen and a number of our indoor lodging options have DIY kitchens.

  • Main Campus Lodging Capacity: Up to 42 people can sleep onsite with additional capacity for seasonal tent camping. Note: In light of Covid 19 and other health concerns, rooms may be limited to single occupancy or shared by close friends or household members. This reduces our available beds from 42 to about 2 dozen.
  • Rates: Vary according to group size and requirements

Inquiry Form Fields


Program Inquiry Fields

For your convenience, you may copy these questions into a Word document and prepare your answers before opening our Program Inquiry Form. Please paste your answers into the online form BELOW at your convenience. *indicates a required field.




Have you visited the Whidbey Institute before?*
If so, when? What program?



Your program title*

Your program description*

Please give us a brief description of your session, and tell us about your company or organization. We are interested in understanding the nature and purpose of your work.

Describe your intended audience/participants*

Describe your experience holding this program*

If applicable, please include locations/dates where the program has been held in the past

Describe your marketing strategy*

Please review our Community Equity Principles*

Our Community Equity Principles can be found here.

Equity alignment*
Please describe how the design and purpose of your program connects to the Whidbey Institute’s Purpose and Equity Principles.

When do you hope to hold your program?*

Preferred dates

If you have preferred dates in mind, please list them here.

Length of Stay*

How many nights will you be lodging with us? (If you’re not sure, just give us a best guess.)

Weekends / Weekdays?*

Tell us if you’re looking for weekend dates only, or both weekday and weekend dates

Group Size*

Estimated number of participants, including program leaders/facilitators:

How much will you charge for tuition?*

Tuition cost does not include lodging, meal, or facilities costs. If you aren’t sure, give us your best guess.

Will you be offering scholarships, a sliding scale, or tiered tuition levels?*

Please select your desired level of registration support*
No registration: I will hold registration for tuition, lodging, and meals myself.
Partial registration: I will hold registration for tuition and I want The Whidbey Institute to hold registration for lodging and meals.
Full registration: I want the Whidbey Institute to hold registration for tuition, lodging, and meals.I’m not sure/other


Would you like to have meals prepared? All meals at the Whidbey Institute are lovingly prepared, incorporating many local and organic ingredients. Please note: meals are provided at an additional cost and are available to groups of 10 people or more.

Anything else?

Is there anything else we should know?