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Returning to Life—A Core Energetics Weekend

With JoAnn Lovascio and Geoff Fitch

May 27 - 29, 2022
Over and over our work calls us to return to life, to our joy, to our embodiment, and to community. Especially now, after these past two years, we feel a longing to be in our bodies with each other. This weekend workshop will be a deep and powerful opportunity to process these past two years, to open to all we have felt, and to return to our essence, to deeply meet each other, and to be supported by the land. We will be in retreat on the beautiful grounds of the Whidbey Institute for a three day Core Energetics workshop.…

Sacred Pause: A Retreat for Women

With Joanna Dunn and Amber Zimmerman

August 31 - September 4, 2022
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Yoga, Meditation, Writing and Visual Arts in Nature As women, we are often doers, caretakers, and volunteers. It is difficult for us to stop, to take time for ourselves, to care for ourselves. Yet, it is essential for leading a conscious life. Allow this retreat to be a time for you to return to yourself, to reflect and integrate, to heal, to take a “Sacred Pause” and tend to what’s within your heart. This is a perfect retreat for a woman who is going through a transitional period in life and is ready to rediscover herself. All ages are welcome.…