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Mindfulness & Movement Programs



Bet Alef Meditative Retreat

With Rabbi Olivier BenHaim

January 28 - 30, 2022
The Chasidic masters of 18th century Eastern Europe called the practice of contemplative meditation Hitbonenut. Following in their steps, each participant in the Bet Alef Shabbaton Meditation Retreat will be given tools to discern for him/herself what is, at present, most calling for attention in their lives; and set for themselves a Kavanah, an Intention/Focus, for the retreat and beyond. They will then choose a sacred word or phrase commensurate to their Kavanah to use through this weekend of Hitbonenut, contemplative meditation practice. As an inclusive and open congregation, Bet Alef engages people from many spiritual and faith traditions. “The messages and teachings which the Bet Alef…

Meditation in Action: Caring for Our Emotional Well-Being

With Sarah Manchester and Howard Aposhyan

April 1 - 3, 2022
Meditation is a fundamental tool for understanding ourselves and our world—a much-needed skill during these world-wide challenging times. Understanding our emotional responses to stressful events allows us to relate to our own lives more skillfully and compassionately. Join us for this meditation retreat, and learn or enhance your meditation practice and in particular learn tools to work with your emotional health.