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Our October 10 Being, Belonging, and Becoming fundraising gala was a wonderful success, with 196 donors giving $152,392 in total. Thanks to all who attended and donated during the event. Here’s a link to the recorded program for you to watch again or share.

There’s still time to give: $21,000 match remains! If you have not had the opportunity to give to this special place, we encourage you to give now and your donation will be doubled!  Special thanks to our matching fund donors, Nancy Nordhoff, Linda Sue Park & Denis Janky, Ron & Eva-Maria Sher, and Lynnaea Lumbard & Rick Paine.

Restoration & Renewal Retreat Fund

“My days on retreat at Whidbey institute were nourishing in every way: a place of complete quiet punctuated only by twitters of sparrows and quail, and the soft hoo-ing of Great Horned Owls at night!”

—Jean M

Donate to Restoration & Renewal Retreats

With your gift of a full or partial R&R Retreat, you give someone access to the healing land, restorative spaces, and nourishing food that the Whidbey Institute is known for. Read more about these retreats here. Each retreat costs $500, and brings one person to the land for four days and three nights of serenity, connection, and nourishment.

When you designate your gift to Restoration & Renewal, you give a retreat opportunity to someone who needs the healing land most. With your support, you help us provide restorative and renewing experiences for first responders, educators, grocery and agricultural workers, BIPOC community organizers, and others doing front-line work in community service and cultural change.

Participants in our 2020 Gala funded 16 Restoration & Renewal Retreats—can you help us raise funds to provide 34 more, touching 50 lives this winter and spring?



Commons construction starts soon! Learn more.

Autumn 2020 Update

Along with people, families, businesses, and organizations everywhere, the Whidbey Institute has been profoundly impacted by COVID-19. As a result, 2020 fundraising efforts have focused on our ability to care for the land and each other. When you give, you help steward 106 acres of conservation forest, you help bring our staff team back to work as soon as possible, and you provide support for the transformative programs that support us in building pathways to our collective future.

In this moment of collective uncertainty, we have an opportunity:

  • To care for one another through disruption and instability.
  • To hold space for hope and bold vision as well as for the very real fear, stress, and grief we are experiencing. 
  • To sense and tend to what wants to emerge.
  • To nurture and be nurtured by nature.
  • To have the deep, heart-led conversations that build our pathways to the future.

“I think a big part of the heartbreak of our time is that as a society we’re not good at dialogue right now. We talk about polarization. We talk at or talk over, but we don’t really know how to talk through, together, the things that are most essential to us. Part of what we practice here is dialogue—conversations that matter.”

—Sharon Daloz Parks


The Whidbey Institute has five decades’ experience stewarding place, nurturing community, and co-creating experiences that support our personal and collective transformation. With its long history as a place to discover and care for what is emerging in our hearts, our communities, and our larger society, the Whidbey Institute is needed more than ever in this moment of re-understanding our ways of being human on Earth. Thank you for your gift in support of this work.


What’s the status of Whidbey Institute 2020?

COVID-19 and the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” Order have impacted the timing but not the importance of our WI2020 Capacity-Building Initiative. Next steps include completion of the Caretaker Cabin, still on track for this Autumn. Completion of the Cabin will provide a safe, warm home for current and future caretakers and will create space for the future construction of ADA-accessible lodging in our heartland.

In light of our need to direct 2020 fundraising to operational support, the Cabin Village Commons design has been adjusted in order to ensure that we can cover the full cost of construction—including design, construction, furnishings, and technology—with funds and pledges already received. The redesigned building will still meet all of our objectives, providing a warm and welcoming space for programmatic gathering and social connection, a kitchen, and bathrooms. We are excited to break ground soon, and hope to host work in our beautiful, green-built Commons as early as 2021.

We have continued to work with our partners, Young Women Empowered and Partners for Youth Empowerment, on the Legacy Forest Youth Campus vision. We are pausing for a collective deep breath during the disruptions caused by COVID-19. We’ll meet with our partners again in the fall to determine next steps.

We thank everyone who’s given to WI2020 thus far—because of your generosity, we have dedicated funding to complete the Caretaker Cabin and the Cabin Village Commons despite the interruption of COVID-19.

Become a Monthly Donor


When you give monthly, you help support the hardworking team that stewards our land and cares for our community.

In this time of collective disruption, we welcome generosity from those who can afford to give it. A monthly gift of any amount is one of the most significant ways you can support our land, team, and mission.

2018 Gratitude Report

“I’ve come to understand that this place exists for all of us—for everyone who senses the urgency and the responsibility of this time. To accelerate a cultural shift, which we must do soon, many more people must be able to find places like this to be the homes for their souls and their work.” 

—Kate Snider, Board President


Read our Gratitude Report
to learn how your donations supported courageous change in 2018.

Whidbey Institute 2020

Whidbey Institute 2020 is a four year, $4.5 million capacity building initiative and a vision of a sustainable future.


We launched the Whidbey Institute 2020 capacity-building initiative in 2017, with the goal of raising $4.5 million in four years. Together, we’re evolving our Heartand facilities to better serve leaders and learners of all ages and backgrounds; to permanently protect 106 acres of public-access forests and wetlands; and to develop a Storyhouse Campus that honors the passion and potential of youth.

Learn what we’ve achieved and what’s coming next.

Make an In-Kind Donation

We gratefully accept new equipment, supplies, and technology that can help us better steward the land, support our programs, and work more efficiently.

If you are interested in making an in-kind contribution of material gifts or skilled help, please take a look at our wish list to see what we need, or contact us to learn more.

Our Wish List

Here are some suggestions for items we could use right away. Please email to learn more or to coordinate donations.

  • Garden supplies, including:
    • extra large decorative pots
    • paving stones
    • hedge trimmers
    • Stihl weed wacker and/or chainsaw
    • digging forks
    • garden clippers and pruners
    • horihoris
    • large and small harvest baskets
    • hoses
    • 1” thick rebar
    • shelving units for greenhouse
  • Gift cards for local or online stores, restaurants, or service providers (for volunteer recognition)

We also participate in AmazonSmile, so when you shop using AmazonSmile with Whidbey Institute as your benefitting organization, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases. Click here to learn more.

Consider a Bequest Gift


You can make a bequest to the Whidbey Institute by including language in your will or living trust leaving a portion of your estate, or by designating the Whidbey Institute as a beneficiary of your retirement account or life insurance policy.

Some of the advantages of creating a bequest include:

  • A bequest costs nothing now, yet gives you the satisfaction of knowing you have provided for the Whidbey Institute in the future
  • You retain control of and use of your assets during your lifetime
  • You may modify your bequest if your circumstances change
  • Gifts to the Whidbey Institute from your estate are exempt from federal estate taxes
  • If you let the Whidbey Institute know of your plans, we will be able to thank you now and recognize you as a member of our Nurse Log circle of donors.

For more information about establishing your bequest gift to the Whidbey Institute, or to let us know of your planned gift, please contact [email protected]