Your donations nurture the land and transform lives.



Thank you for your generosity during our Autumn Appeal! While our Appeal ended November 30, we will keep the campaigns open for a few more weeks as final checks and online donations come in.  

This is a three-part appeal with campaigns to support COVID-Impacted Operations; provide Restoration & Renewal Retreats to first responders, essential workers, and community organizers; and complete construction, landscaping, and furnishing of the Commons. 

The first $55,000 given to COVID-Impacted Operations will be matched by our match pool donors Nancy Nordhoff, Peter and Melissa Evans, and Linda S Park. Thank you Nancy, Peter and Melissa, and Linda!

COVID-Impacted Operations Support

Your gift at this time supports COVID-impacted operations to care for our guests, program leaders, land, forest, gardens, trails, facilities, and business administration. Your gift will help us enter the winter with the funds needed to weather our slowest programmatic season. 

Community-Supported Restoration & Renewal Retreats

With your gift of a full or partial Restoration & Renewal Retreat, you support a COVID first responder, an essential worker, a BIPOC community organizer, or someone working on the front lines of climate impact with the gift of healing land, restorative spaces, and delicous and nutritious food. 

Commons Completion

Construction during the pandemic brought with it some challenges and unavoidable cost increases. We need your support to complete this keystone project in our WI 2020 Capacity Building Campaign—a new, beautiful space for the work of healing ourselves, our communities, and our planet.

“Philanthropy is a daily practice, encouraging us to appreciate others, use our whole selves to impact our communities, and clearly see the many ways in which we’re able to strengthen our generous hearts, beginning with ourselves.” —Kristen Corning Bedford

Become a Monthly Donor


When you give monthly, you help steward this land, care for these spaces, and nurture this community.

In this time of collective disruption, we welcome the generous support of all who are inspired and have the capacity to give. A monthly gift of any amount is one of the most significant ways you can care for the land, work, and mission of the Whidbey Institute.

“There’s something about getting cash flow every week, deposits every week, that makes doing the work easier.”

Kent Wales, on why he donates monthly

Commons construction is underway! Learn more.

2020 Gratitude Report

Make an In-Kind Donation

We gratefully accept new equipment, supplies, and technology that can help us better steward the land, support our programs, and work more efficiently.

If you are interested in making an in-kind contribution of material gifts or want to make a donation to cover the cost or one or more of these items, please take a look at our wish list to see what we need! Reach out if you’d like to coordinate the delivery of an item, or give online or mail us a check. Be sure to include a memo indicating what you’d like us to purchase with your gift.  


Our 2021 garden wish list

  • Weatherproof plant signs: $100
  • Seeds: $200
  • Straw: $100
  • Organic compost delivery: $200
  • Perennial native, medicinal, and food plant starts: $300
  • Garden tools:
    • 5 new Hand clippers: $15-20 each
    • 7 new Hori Horis: $20 each
    • 3 new Digging forks: $30-50 each
  • Apothecary storage cabinet- must have a door that shuts into place fully. Option for locking a huge plus. $TBD
  • Amber Tinted ½ gal or full gallon herbal medicine storage Mason jars: $25 or $30/pack 
  • Working wheelbarrows in very good condition: $TBD
  • Electric wheelbarrow: $1K-2K


Give thanks to our volunteers

Mail us gift cards for local or online stores, restaurants, or service providers. We will give during special events and to our long-term volunteers. 


Make your donation

Call 360-341-1884 to coordinate a drop off of an in-kind gift, mail a check to Whidbey Institute PO Box 57 Clinton, WA 98236, or donate online with the button below. 


One more note . . .

We also participate in AmazonSmile, so when you shop using AmazonSmile with Whidbey Institute as your benefitting organization, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases. Click here to learn more.

Consider a Bequest Gift


You can make a bequest to the Whidbey Institute by including language in your will or living trust leaving a portion of your estate, or by designating the Whidbey Institute as a beneficiary of your retirement account or life insurance policy.

Some of the advantages of creating a bequest include:

  • A bequest costs nothing now, yet gives you the satisfaction of knowing you have provided for the Whidbey Institute in the future
  • You retain control of and use of your assets during your lifetime
  • You may modify your bequest if your circumstances change
  • Gifts to the Whidbey Institute from your estate are exempt from federal estate taxes
  • If you let the Whidbey Institute know of your plans, we will be able to thank you now and recognize you as a member of our Nurse Log circle of donors.

For more information about establishing your bequest gift to the Whidbey Institute, or to let us know of your planned gift, please contact [email protected]