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“The many challenges we face as humans today can feel overwhelming, dampening our spirits and threatening our communities. In the face of all this, we come together and engage in authentic, informed, and wholehearted actions that lift our collective spirits and bring us to new levels of connection, strength, meaning, purpose, and love.”

—Heather Johnson, Executive Director

Courageous, Creative, Connected: 2016 Gratitude Report

The guiding purpose of our work is to serve as a home for ongoing inquiry, learning, and transformation in response to the unprecedented challenges of our time—environmental, technological, social, moral, spiritual—and the call for a human response commensurate with our responsibility. As the intense polarization of competing worldviews grows, we must increase our collective capacity to meet local and global challenges. The world needs us courageous, creative, and connected. These times demand that we show up and engage in ways that transcend what we may have ever imagined.

The many challenges we face as humans today can feel overwhelming, dampening our spirits and threatening our communities. In the face of all this, we come together and engage in authentic, informed, and wholehearted actions that lift our collective spirits and bring us to new levels of connection, strength, meaning, purpose, and love.

I am so grateful for what I learn every day with those of you who are connected through this sacred place. I invite you to read these stories of the creative, uplifting, and impactful responses people and communities are making in these times. Together we are becoming what the world needs now.

We were made for these times. May we look back, decades hence, and know that our best selves came forward.

With gratitude,

Heather Johnson
Executive Director, the Whidbey Institute




Stewarding Your Investment

“We have a community of deep allies that have been connected to and have loved this place for a long time, who are coming together with people who know that it’s what the world needs now—and who are finding this place for the first time, and really want to invest in it and its growth and its ability to continue to inspire.”

—Kate Snider, Board President

Thanking the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

Our 2016 achievements were dramatically shaped by a capacity-building grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, totaling $210,000 over three years, to establish a robust development office. This award provided the opportunity to grow our team, including hiring a full-time Development Manager—a role now held by Holly Harlan—to help steward our next stage of growth and organizational maturity.

Our new development office has been essential in launching Whidbey Institute 2020, a capacity-building campaign to raise $4.5 million from 2017 to 2020. We are deeply grateful to the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust for investing in our potential and helping us commit even more boldly to our vision for people and communities wholeheartedly and effectively meeting the complex challenges of our times.


Called to Grow: Whidbey Institute 2020 capacity-building campaign

As a home for transformative learning in a world fraught with complex challenges, the Whidbey Institute is faced with an exciting opportunity: there are many more people and programs seeking a home for their work on our campus than we can currently serve. Growing our capacity to meet this demand means:  

  • Upholding our core values through land stewardship, site management, and physical infrastructure.
  • Deepening our impact, broadening our reach, and serving a growing and increasingly diverse community.
  • Creating long-term financial sustainability by expanding facilities to house and support more people in generative, purpose-led programming.

Whidbey Institute 2020 is a vision of a sustainable Institute. Together, we’re creating a home for more transformational learning experiences by scaling our facilities up to meet the needs of the individuals and organizations we serve. Whidbey Institute 2020 means bringing our facilities into balance with the needs of our communities and the scale of our 100 acre campus. Together, we’re raising $4.5 million over four years, 2017-2020, in service to place, community, and transformative learning.

What’s included:

  • Heartland Campus Expansion: adding facilities in support of larger group experiences and multiple, simultaneous small-group experiences for existing and new program partners, increasing financial sustainability, and creating Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible lodging.
  • Operational Support: providing operational support until organizational financial sustainability is achieved through added earned income from Heartland expansion.
  • Legacy Forest Acquisition: aggregating and protecting our 100+ acre campus and public-access trail system with a comprehensive conservation easement.
  • Youth Campus: adding facilities to better support transformative learning experiences for youth, incubator programs, and local community engagement.


Capacity-building campaign launched with videography donation

Filmmaker Mark Forman and his wife, artist Kathleen Secrest, donated this compelling video—representing hours of skilled production based in a deep commitment to our mission and work—as their gift to the Whidbey Institute in fall 2016. We were honored and touched by this gift, and by the compelling message it conveys.


Groundbreaking Fund

The generosity and commitment of our Groundbreaking Fund Contributors, giving above and beyond their annual commitments, enabled the launch of the Whidbey Institute 2020 capacity building campaign in 2016! Thanks to this fund, totalling $76,275, we have been able to move forward with design, site plan development, permitting, and initial building costs.


GiveBIG Gratitude

177 donors contributed $57,653 to the Whidbey Institute on the first Tuesday in May, 2016, in order to steward the land, support our mission, and care for the work and spaces we love and share. We thank each donor, of gifts large and small, and the hardworking team who made the day a success despite nation-wide technical challenges. Special thanks to the Linda Sue Park fund for Gaia and an anonymous donor who together provided a $20,000 match fund to double your gifts.



A beautiful Gratitude Gala and Community Festival

At our 2016 Gala, we honored lifelong volunteers Jim and Jo Shelver for their nourishing love and decades of service to the land and mission of the Whidbey Institute, introduced our Whidbey Institute 2020 capacity-building campaign, and raised a total of $140,510. The next day, we celebrated place and community with a garden-focused festival, during which we pressed fresh apple cider, enjoyed a delicious brunch from Chef Christyn Johnson, and explored Whidbey Institute 2020 site evolution plans. Photographers Regent Brown, Marnie Jackson, and David Stern captured the beauty and fun of our 2016 Gratitude Gala and Community Festival—click to view the full albums.

David Stern of Whidbey Custom Photography created this gorgeous photo essay on the Community Festival last autumn (click to view):


Gala and Festival sponsors

Raw Indulgence • Whidbey Seatac Shuttle & Charter • Synergy Yoga • Whidbey Island Custom Photography • Amrita Kombucha • Spoiled Dog Winery • Bonnie & Jay Freundlich • Deep Harvest Farm • Flying Bear Flowers • Full Cycle Farm • Rock Island Gardens • Sherman’s Pioneer Farm Produce • Blooms Winery


Festival team   

Rae Carleson, co-coordinator • Maggie Chumbley, co-coordinator • Thomas Arthur • Eric Ayrault • Jenna Barrett • Laura Berkley Boram • Cathy Buller • Ellen Carleson • Aisha Coursen • Leslie Dana • Sheryl Harmer • Cole Hoover • Marnie Jackson • Heather Johnson • Beno Kennedy • Abigail Lazarowski • Sawyer Mauk • Scott Mauk • Kate Snider • David Stern • Madisun Stern • Anna Strick • Tiffany Volosin • Hilary Wilson • Christyn Johnson, chef • Nathaniel Talbot, musician • Bekah Zachritz, musician • Organic Farm School, community partner • Whidbey Island Waldorf School, community partner


Gala team

Thomas Arthur • Eric Ayrault • Jenna Barrett • Regent Brown • Cathy Buller • Collin Burns • Rae Carleson • Ellen Carleson • Maggie Chumbley • Leslie Dana • Marybeth Dickerson • Kayla Gardner • Bayley Gochanour • Sheryl Harmer • Amelia (Mei Mei) Hensler • Bruce Herbert • Chloe Hood • Cole Hoover • Kari Hustad • Marnie Jackson • Mia Jackson • Jerene • Heather Johnson • Christyn Johnson • Aubrie Keegan • Beno Kennedy • Abigail Lazarowski • Michael Maine • Scott Mauk • Sawyer Mauk • Bella Northup • Jill Sheldon • Gabriel Shirley • Phyllis Shulman • Kate Snider • Mira Steinbrecher • David Stern • Madisun Stern • Anna Strick • Liam Twomey • Tiffany Volosin • Hilary Wilson • Anne Zontine • Don Zontine

2016 Income: $1,150,030

2016 Expenses: $1,045,603

Income and Expense chart data

Wholehearted Service

“Our efforts over the last couple years to come to a place of full trust and collaboration and agility, together as a team, allow us to care for every detail of this place at another level. That is, behind the scenes, one of the greatest contributing factors to the experience that people have on the ground, in their programs.”

—Robert Mellinger, Land Steward


Words from Board President Kate Snider

In an early 2016 interview welcoming her to the Board Presidency, Kate Snider (pictured, far left) said, “when we come to the Whidbey Institute, we know that we can enter into important, honest, open conversation about the issues that matter most in the world. We expect to learn from one another, and learn from the land. We have a safe place to be challenged, to experiment, to enter into deep inquiry and meaningful connections. As a mother, an entrepreneur, a business owner, an environmental consultant, and a citizen of our region and planet in this unprecedented time of change, challenge, and opportunity, I find the engagement and connection that the Institute provides extremely meaningful—to me, and by extension, to everyone that my life influences. I know this to be true for all of us who have opened ourselves up to the Institute throughout its 40+ year history.”

“I can’t think of anything more important than this kind of base from which to build the creative and resilient communities necessary to navigate our futures.  I would like to see everyone, everywhere, have access and connection to the kind of community, support, and challenge that I feel that I am part of at the Institute. I want this and more for future generations, as I see these kinds of communities of inquiry becoming more and more vital to our survival and our partnership with the earth. I want to strengthen, broaden, and deepen the reach, connections, and sustainability of the Whidbey Institute.”




Exemplary board service

This team of volunteer servant-leaders engaged wholeheartedly and with tremendous skill, energizing our capacity-building campaign launch with their ongoing contributions of time, treasure, and talent. In 2016 this remarkable team embraced many challenges, meeting them as opportunities to step up and support the growth of the organization. We recognize these particular time and energy investments: Barbara Schaetti played major Organizational Development roles. Sheryl Harmer and Kate Snider provided extraordinary leadership in every aspect of our development work, including building the launch of the Whidbey Institute 2020 campaign. Phyllis Shulman, Ted Sturdevant, and Christie Lynk joined staff in wrestling through questions of our evolving organizational purpose and impact.

We are collectively inspired and catalyzed by Kate Snider’s extraordinary engagement as board President, and her ability to call all of us to greater levels of commitment, passion, and efficacy.

We thank our 2016 board of directors:

  • Kate Snider, President
  • Barbara Schaetti, Vice-President
  • Cole Hoover, Treasurer
  • Ted Sturdevant, Secretary
  • Chris Clark
  • Sheryl Harmer
  • Christie Lynk
  • Michael Maine
  • Jill Sheldon
  • Gabriel Shirley
  • Phyllis Shulman
  • Sam Wright


Thanking our volunteer finance committee

Our volunteer Finance Committee–Tom Buxton, Don Luby, and Cole Hoover–meets monthly with Executive Director Heather Johnson and our bookkeeper, diligently supporting the organization with financial oversight and important contemplations that inform our organizational strategy.


Board member Gabriel Shirley completes final term

We owe a great debt of gratitude to Gabriel Shirley, who completed two terms (six years) of board service in October, including significant service as Board President. He has been involved with the Institute since he first participated in our Spirited Work program in 1999.

Gabriel’s future includes continuing in his role as Head of Organizational Effectiveness at Avanade, Inc.; an upcoming wedding with fiance Marybeth Dickerson; and working with Marybeth on growing her grain-free foods company, Primal Island. He continues to reside on Whidbey Island, where he balances work, family, and a passion for the outdoors.

In addition to the end of Gabriel’s term of service, we accepted the resignation of three other board members in 2016 due to pressing—and exciting—commitments. We thank Michael Maine, Sam Wright, and Chris Clark for their work on behalf of the Whidbey Institute.


Welcoming Database Administrator Madisun Stern

Madisun Stern joined our staff team in September 2016 as Database Administrator. She brings skills in event planning, community engagement, and non-profit marketing as well as a profound appreciation for our organizational mission.

When Madisun joined the team, she said, ”when I’m not here, I plan fun events and I run a non-profit program, Pink Parasol Productions, and a photography business with my husband David. Our non-profit, a program of Island Arts Council, was developed specifically to hold all my many ideas for providing the community with free, fun opportunities.”

Madisun’s energy, heart, and tremendous competence make her an invaluable member of our team, and she’s taken on office management duties and event coordination duties in addition to her database work.


Saying goodbye to Dan Mahle, Melissa Dowd, and Jenna Barrett

Former Program Manager Dan Mahle relocated to Colorado in 2016 to be closer to family, including a new niece, while former Database Administrator Melissa Dowd and her family of snow bunnies moved to Idaho where they’re enjoying snow sports and the great outdoors. Jenna Barrett completed her service as Development Manager in October 2016, and remains on South Whidbey. Upon leaving the role, she said, ”I carry into my next chapter the deep learnings, belly laughs, and great respect for everyone who devotes their resources to the Whidbey Institute.”

In his farewell letter to our community, Dan wrote, “my improbable journey with the Whidbey Institute began when I was 27. I felt a deep calling to be here, unlike anything I’d experienced before. In the three and a half years since I began my work here, I’ve had the honor of supporting many incredible programs, including Salish Sea Bioneers, Thriving Communities, Cascadia Climate Collaborative, Winter Gathering, the 40th Anniversary Festival, and Generation Waking Up. It’s been incredible to witness the Whidbey Institute grow and evolve so much over these few short years. Our team is stronger than ever, and our work is deepening in powerful and important ways. While I am stepping out of my staff role and moving across the country soon, I will never really leave this place. The Whidbey Institute will always be a home for me, as it is for so many across the globe. I look forward to witnessing the continual evolution and growth of this place that I love—that we all love. It could not possibly be in more loving or capable hands.”


Thanking our 2016 Consultants Chris Clark, Hilary Wilson, Crissi Mora, and Regent Brown

Chris Clark served as Organizational Development Consultant from July 2015 to August 2016, and as a board member from September 2016 to December 2016, helping our team grow through our transition to a distributed leadership model. He continues his work with next-stage organizations as a consultant with Anthem and Future Considerations, splitting time between the Seattle area and abroad.

Hilary Wilson (a current and former board member) took a break from board service to serve as a Development Consultant, providing vital assistance in capacity-building campaign and grants-readiness strategy.

Crissi Mora of CatchWord Grants served as a grants-readiness consultant during the autumn of 2016, guiding our staff team toward greater clarity in communicating our mission, vision, purpose, and program areas.

Regent Brown served as an Equity and Justice Consultant, guiding our Board and Staff team through explorations on our learning journey toward becoming an equitable organization. She is the founder of Fostering Real Opportunities, a consultancy specializing in personal and organizational coaching to create transformational growth for those striving for equitable and thriving communities.


Words from Executive Director Heather Johnson

There are times when our spirits can feel crushed, and 2016 presented many such moments—on global and national levels, and close to home. This team of people who are together in service to the Whidbey Institute rode the waves together. To be a part of such a group of people coming together for shared purpose, I feel honored, grateful, and inspired every day. Knowing that we hold one another in deep regard and commitment – it is a joy to experience what’s possible when people work to “walk the talk”.

Co-Creating Experiences, Nurturing Community

“I’ve shared space with new (to me) people of so many backgrounds and experiences doing unimaginably complex, transformative, and amazing work. I’ve had interactions I’ve only dreamed of. I felt safe. I believe that if I’m still around 20 years from now, I will look back on this past weekend and say, ‘I had the privilege of being there for that.”


Who we serve

We exist for those who sense the urgency and responsibility of our time and feel called to respond. In 2016:

  • Over 80 organizations and program leaders held their work here.
  • Over 1,250 people shared “home” in our cabins and houses.
  • 250 camped in our meadows.
  • 1,000 more joined us for single-day community events and gatherings.
  • We had scheduled activities on 90% of days in 2016, pausing only for holidays and land/facilities care.

Just a few of the 80+ hosted, supported, and co-created multi-day experiences held at the Whidbey Institute in 2016

  • Powers of Leadership Retreat Cycle
  • The Winter Gathering—Rick Ingrasci, Victoria Santos, Peggy Taylor
  • Thriving Communities Gathering
  • Intersectional Justice Conference
  • Courage to Lead for Social Impact—Center for Courage & Renewal
  • Invitas Retreat Cycle—Institute for Conversational Leadership
  • Landscape of the Soul
  • Leadership Embodiment Retreat—Wendy Palmer
  • VORTEXT: weekend salon led by renowned women writers—Hedgebrook
  • Power of Hope Youth Camp
  • Y-We Write—Young Women Empowered with Hedgebrook
  • Teaching in an Age of Climate Consequences—Curriculum for the Bioregion
  • Open Path—a path of Awakening—Elias Amidon, The Sufi Way
  • Warrior Monk—Awakening Life
  • Generating Transformative Change, Graduate Gathering—Pacific Integral
  • Social Justice Leadership Institute Retreat—Sayumi Irey
  • Organization Systems Renewal Cohort Annual Retreat—fostering transformational learning and impact


Thanking our program partners

We thank all the program leaders, facilitators, and participants who brought their work to the Whidbey Institute in 2016. We especially want to thank the following individuals who were able to join us in our December 2016 program leader gathering, which served as an opportunity for creating and strengthening connections, sharing our hopes and dreams as a community, and connecting across topics through our shared purpose as a network of leaders co-creating transformational learning experiences. Thanks to:

Dan Arnett • Joshua Berkowitz • Sharon Betcher • Regent Brown • Larry Daloz • Gregory Flynn • David Goodell • Kurt Hoelting • Rituja Indapure • Rick Ingrasci • Marnie Jackson • Dan McKee • Alexandra Morosco • Lenore Norrgard • Shannon Patterson • Charlene Ray • Erica Rayner-Horn • Nate Starling • Kirk Webb • Vito Zingarelli


Thriving Communities Conference highlights

The 2016 Thriving Communities Conference focus on shelter brought video storytelling and rich community conversation to our Hall in March, with features on Cocoon House, Fifth Street Commons, Hearts and Hammers, Impact Investing, and Lopez Island Land Trust.

We thank Jerry Millhon and his dedicated team for continuing to make sometimes overwhelming community challenges into community opportunities, and for gathering a vibrant, inspiring, and effective community here at the Whidbey Institute annually for six years.


Integrating Storyhouse as a community gathering space

Since purchasing Legacy Forest from Whidbey Institute founders Fritz and Vivienne Hull at the end of 2015, we have been inviting meaningful conversation into this space by hosting learning groups, board and staff teams, conversational gatherings, and communities of practice. Storyhouse was home to over 40 meetings and gatherings in 2016.

Stewarding Place

“I feel like if you take care of what’s in front of you, close by, then by extension you’re helping to take care of the world.”

—Beno Kennedy, Facilities Manager

Thanking facilities and forestry volunteer Robert Keeney

Robert Keeney (pictured, far left) is an indispensable member of the Whidbey Institute volunteer team, and frequently comes to the land for a day or a week at a time to build trails, remove hazard trees, clear windfall, and support our land care team with his labor, skill, and wisdom. He’s been coming to Chinook since 2010, and his volunteer hours in 2016 alone add up to about three weeks of full-time service.

Bob helps at the Whidbey Institute with tasks ranging from plumbing to forestry, but he really shines in stewarding our 100 acres of wooded trails. “He always finds a simpler way to do something,” Land Care Coordinator Robert Mellinger said, “and he draws from decades of experience.”

Staff members appreciate Bob Keeney’s technical skills—his lifetime of experience and his mechanical aptitude—as well as his perception, his powers of observation, and sensitivity for the health of trees and humans alike. “He’s really brilliant at making subtle changes that have a big impact,” said Thomas Arthur, Resident Caretaker. “A lot of the stuff he does is very important but almost invisible.”


Thanking garden intern Anna Strick

Anna Strick arrived at the Whidbey Institute in the spring of 2016 with a great deal of hot-weather farming experience, gained on the East Coast and especially in the Carolinas. She spent the 2016 growing season living in Mushroom Cabin, working in the Westgarden, and engaging students at the Institute and through the South Whidbey School District gardens. Through a season gardening alongside coordinators Abigail Lazarowski and Cary Peterson and fellow interns Liza Elman, Devin Mounts, and Stoni Tomson, she gained a great deal of cool weather crop experience, additional practice engaging children in the garden, and a newfound love of South Whidbey Island.

Anna has stayed on South Whidbey and continues to volunteer for the Whidbey Institute and to work with children and gardens. She said, “I recognize that there is so much more for me to learn from this community. There was a relationship that I felt early on during my stay here, that I could support this community with my developing skills and passions, and that it would support me well in my personal needs and growth. It is refreshing and comforting to know that I am excited to continue this relationship with the community. The Whidbey Institute has been such a nourishing and encouraging home for me, and I’m overcome with gratitude.”

We are grateful to Anna not only for a season of service, but also for the lasting impressions she made on each of us as a friend and peer.


Walking the Westgarden with Kumudini Shoba

Kumudini Shoba, who has both an extensive Ayurvedic knowledge and a master’s degree in bio-organic chemistry,  has been involved with the Whidbey Institute for many years and planted many of the specimens in the Westgarden’s herbal border. She continues to mentor, steward, and care for both our plants and our community knowledge, in part through hosting herbal wisdom classes in the Westgarden each spring, summer, and autumn.

When asked why she’s involved with the Westgarden, Kumudini shared her vision of a growing herbal apothecary and a budding generation of younger herbalists and gardeners. “My hope for this garden is that people will work with it, volunteer, and be involved,” she said. “An understanding of herbs is missing in this culture, and we need younger people to take this garden and make it their own. The garden teaches people real, deep respect . . . it’s a living thing, like us.”

Kumudini’s ongoing commitment to this work has been a tremendous gift, and we at the Whidbey Institute are so grateful for her continued partnership and leadership in the work of nurturing our herbal garden and community.


Thanking Appletree Garden steward Mara Grey

Mara has continued her decade-long volunteer stewardship of the Appletree Garden through 2016, and we honor her for her continued skill and dedication in cultivating beauty. “Each plant gives something to the people that come here,” Mara said.”I have wild tulip bulbs from the mountains of Afghanistan and Northern Iran—plants from New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, and China. The garden is like the center of a web of relationship, not only with all the people who have worked there over the years abut also with the places that the plants come from.”


Forest stewardship progress

During a spring 2016 assessment of the heartland area, we determined which trees to remove for overall health. The assessment was consistent with the 2007 Forest Stewardship Plan, which recommends substantial thinning in the cabin area for both safety and the health of the stand. We also decided to act on a long-term issue of trees at the bottom of the cabin area casting considerable shade on the Westgarden. The removal of these trees took place in August, thanks in part to the tremendous skill and dedication of volunteer forester Bob Keeney, who donated hours of skilled labor to the project.


Sanctuary roof maintenance

Below, Beno Kennedy performs his annual cleaning of the roof, which he personally helped build from hand-split cedar shakes when the building was constructed.


Westgarden work days

Below, staff, apprentices, and volunteers gathered on Thursdays to tend and harvest produce for our kitchen and the Good Cheer Food Bank.

In Loving Memory

Photo above from Learning How to Fall, a film by Nic Askew.

Charles (Charlie) Joseph Murphy Jr., July 4, 1953–August 6, 2016.

Charlie Murphy was a beloved friend to our organization and an inspiration to all who knew him. He leaves behind a loving husband, Eric Mulholland.

Our world is a better place because of Charlie—his music, his wisdom, his love of life, his boundless heart, and his legacy of inspiring service. Among other accomplishments, Charlie co-founded, with Peggy Taylor, Partners for Youth Empowerment and Power of Hope.

The 2016 Donors Who've Made Our Work Possible

“It’s really important for people to know that their input—their time, their treasure, their talent—are all needed for the Institute going forward. This isn’t happening to somebody else, for somebody else, off on the side. It’s a place for everybody to bring their energy, their money, but also their vision.”

—Lynnaea Lumbard, donor and program leader


$10,000 | Terra Anderson & Thomas Buxton | Paul Lippert & Julie Beckman | Linda Park & Denis Janky | Nancy Nordhoff & Lynn Hayes | Ron & Eva Marie Sher | $1500+ | Sally Goodwin | Laura Wilbur & Timothy Onders | Sheryl Harmer & Steve Boyd | Bruce & Nancy Herbert | Johnny & Yvonne Palka | Barbara Schaetti | Donald Luby & Christine Adkins | Kate & Doug Snider | $1,000 | Fritz & Vivienne Hull | Jean MacGregor & Rob Cole | Larry Parks Daloz & Sharon Daloz Parks | Rick & Marcy Jackson | Rick Ingrasci & Peggy Taylor | Virginia Felton & Jeff Hancock | Lynnaea Lumbard & Rick Paine | Gabriel Shirley & Marybeth Dickerson | Jerry Millhon | OSR Cohort: Richard Bergeon & Caroline Fu, Albie K. Beannacht, Lynne Campbell, Mary Kay Chess & Karyn Lazarus, Rick Collins, Dee Endelman, Barb Healy, Susan Linde, Tim McNichol, Phyllis Shulman, Don Swartz


Catayst Gifts $15,000+ | Nancy Nordhoff & Lynn Hayes | Ron & Eva Marie Sher | Floyd Jones | Rick Paine & Lynnaea Lumbard | Linda Park & Denis Janky

Cedar $5000-$14,999 | Andy Anderson | Terra Anderson & Thomas Buxton | Marybeth Dickerson & Gabriel Shirley | Peter & Melissa Evans | Bruce & Nancy Herbert | Johnny & Yvonne Palka | Larry Parks Daloz & Sharon Daloz Parks

Maple $2500–$4999 | James Doherty | Craig Fleck & Stephanie Ryan | Dana & Doug Kelly | Donald Luby & Christine Adkins | Victoria Castle & Tim Morley | Laura Wilbur & Timothy Onders | Barbara Schaetti

Hemlock $1000-$2499 | Blaine Bartlett & Cynthia Kersey | Malcolm & Lynn Best | Michael Hansen & Carmen Cook | Steven Gilbert | Frances Graham | Sheryl Harmer & Steve Boyd | Stella HeartSong | Christie Lynk | Warren & Elizabeth Lynn | Laurie McMillan | Michael Moch | Conrad Romberg | Sallie Rose Madrone | Marnie Schaetti & Mick Mulloy | Nat & Jenna Scholz | Jo & Jim Shelver | Brent & Judith Shirley | Jean Singer & Dyanne Sheldon | Kate & Doug Snider | Elizabeth Snyder | Debora Valis & Steve Shapiro | Kent & Monica Wales | Jennifer Weber

Pine $500-$999 | Judith Adams | Jodi Boone | Jeff Dahlseid | Paul Gleiberman | Mary & Chris Holder | Cole Hoover | Ross Chapin & Deborah Koff-Chapin | Scott & Sawyer Mauk | Kathleen Mirante | Joyce Moulton | Glo Sherman | Joel Shrut | Charles Terry & Betsy MacGregor | Phyllis Shulman | Michael Soule | Jim & Fawn Spady | Peter Sugarman & Kirstie Lewis | Alan & Amy Swanson | Ken Miller & Kathleen Taylor | Hilary Wilson & Sawyer Gillespie | Carol Yamada & Jim Robinson

Alder $250-$499 | Diane Alexander | Jenna Barrett & Iko Ruggenberg | Peter Baum & Mayumi Yagi | Albie K. Beannacht | Terry & Penelope Bourk | Maggie Chumbley | Chris Cluett | Peter Coughlan | Tom Ewell & Catherine Whitmire | Mary Holscher & Paul Finley | Diana Gale & Jerry Hillis | Frances Wood & Bill Graves | Jan Hively | Kimi & Michael Hoover | James & Linda Hunt | Heather Johnson | David & Fran Korten | Chris & Kelly MacArthur | Jerry Millhon | Steve Moore | Bill Ross | Steve Scoles | Dianne Shiner & David Sellers | Jack & Peggy Strother | Ted Sturdevent | Susan & Christopher Thorsen | Timm Thorsen

Fern $100-$249 | Bart & Joan Alexander | Ann Amberg | Deloris & Allan Ament | D Craig Anderson | Pushkara Sally Ashford | Laura-Mae Baldwin | John & Sandy Barney | Joshua Berkowitz | Priti Bhattarai | Shirley Jantz & Walt Blackford | Jody Bourgeois | Carol Brinster | Karen Brooks | Rick Cantral | Aimee Chase | Mary Kay Chess & Karyn Lazarus | James Clark | Timothy Clark | Charlene Cohen, Alan Cohen & Eric Knesy | Rick Collins | Connie Daloz Gray | Suzannah Dalzell | Kate Davies & George DuWors | Jim Doherty | Jamie Rose Edwards | Judy Ellis & Carl Ulmschneider | Pam Elvy | Suzanne Fageol | Virginia Felton & Jeff Hancock | Stephanie Fidler Lorber | Wendy Fjelsted | Teri Floyd | Alina Frank | Jillian Froebe | Joe Fuller | JR & Caroline Fulton | Richard & Carol Gammon | Larry Geri | Forrest Gibson & Sara Lawson | Sally Goodwin | Kendall Hubbard & Ginny Green | Gretchen Griffin | Nina Griswold | Elizabeth Guss | Christie Hammond | Hal & Leslie Harber | Sheila Belanger & Anne Hayden | Lucinda Herring | Wells Hively | Bert Hopkins | Fritz & Vivienne Hull | Francis Janes | Doug & Jane Johnson | George & Christyn Johnson | Cindy Weeks & Don Johnston | Laurie Julian & Corrine Bayley | Stephen Kaagan | Lorraine Kelly | Keith & Susan Klovee-Smith | Lea Kouba | Marcia & Gary Lagerloef | Barbara Lamb | Robert Lambert | Wendy Lambeth & Harvey Lambeth Jr. | John Lee | Michael Lerner & Sharyle Patton | Brandon Letsinger | Ann Linnea & Christina Baldwin | Paul Lippert & Julie Beckman | Steve & Cecil Lloyd | Kolin & Lizanne Lymworth | Brenda & Donald Mallett | Cornelius Mare | Peter & Kathleen Martin | Debbie Daniels & David Matteson | Steven Matthias | Rachel Maxwell | Rebecca, Louis & William Mellinger | Brian Krinbring & Susan Mickey | Jim Miller & Jan Monti | Paul & Jennifer Morris | Steve & Karen Motenko | Eric Mulholland | Patricia O’Connell Killen | Vernon & Martha Olsen | Martin Payne | Susan & Richard Perl | Gary Piazzon & Dianna Deseck-Piazzon | Timothy Popanz | Erica Rayner-Horn | Charles & Karen Rider | Eileen Jackson & M.K. Sandford | Pam Schell | Carol Scott-Kassner & Kirk Kassner | Jill Sheldon | Stephen Silha | Samuel Smith | Nick Spang | Elizabeth Speck | Anne Stadler | Mira Steinbrecher | Jeanne Strong | Jerry Wennstrom & Marilyn Strong | Matthew Swett & Sarah Birger | Claire Tangvald & Jim Mason | Holly Thomas | Sharon Vanderslice | Mark & Wendy Visconty | Tiffany Volosin | Claudia & Thomas Walker | Martina Welke | Matthew & Marcia Wesley | Elizabeth Wheat | Nancy White | Louise Wilkinson & Thomas Castor | Kelly Williams | Janet Wilson | Susan Yates | Dorit & Vito Zingarelli

Seedling $1–$99 | Shellya & Doug Ackerman | Kathryn Adams | Monica Aebly | Karen & Dave Anderson | Bob & Boots Anderson | Sarah Manchester & Howard Aposhyan | Thomas Arthur | Mia Baumgartner | Dorothy Baumgartner | Eva & Matthew Becker-Backlund | Linda Berens | Richard Bergeon & Caroline Fu | Laura Berkley Boram & Don Boram | Philip Blank | Lauren Brazell | Cathy Buller, John & Hannah Veith | Holly & Howard Burton | Evan Callahan & Margaret Delp | Ellen Carleson | Rae Carleson | Liliana Caughman | Kaci Cheyne | Sophie Clare | Neal & Connie Clark | Andrew Grenier & Rebecca Cleary | Brett Cobb | Ann Cutcher | Bruce Davidson | Corrine Daycross | Patricia De la Chapelle | Jeff Deveaux | John Doherty | Kirk & Melissa Dowd | Alysondra Duke | Cecilia Finnigan & Patrick Daugherty | Gregory Flynn | Grace Ford | Mark Forman | Pam Freeman | Carol Gatewood | Betsy Geist | Tina Greene | Cheryl Greengrove | Teresa & Andrew Gunther | Nicole Luce & Janet Hall | Patty Hawk | Tracy Heffelfinger | Anne Hextrum | Sara Holt | Angie & Jerry Homola | Vera Horsman | Elizabeth Hunter | Jonas Hunter | Katherine Hyett | Tim Jackson | Marnie Jackson, Mia Jackson, Dylann Jones & Robin Jones | John Jacobs & Nancy Pfeiffer | Mary Jakubiak | Loretta Jancosi | Anne Jenness | Brenda & Joseph Jeter | Michael Kaemingk | Drew Kampion | Julie Glover & Robert Kenny | Paula & Bill Kerby | Dave Ketter | Jan Kirkley | Lynda Klau | Joseph Kleinman | JoAnn & Joel Klink | Jan Knudson | Edith Kusnic | Robert & Christy Lee-Engel | Dana MacInnis | Maggie & Karl Mahle | Dan Mahle | Robert Mellinger | Dan Neumeyer & Elise Miller | Alexandra Morosco | Mully Mullally | Anthony Calio & Jenanne Murphy | Kris Nelson | Nancy Lynn Newman | Lenore Norrgard | Heather Ogilvy | Kathy Olson | Karla Oman | Cary Peterson | Margaret Pickoff | Ruth Pittard | Mary Reddy | Virginia Rhoads & John McConnell | Gregg & Linda Ridder | Jim Riley | Shannon & Griffin Ruggenberg | Barbara Schiltz | Gretchen Schodde | Sandy Shipley | Karen Shoaf-Mitchell & R.T. Mitchell | Riley Snider | Janet Staub & James DeLong | Bob Stilger | Katsuko Sugiyama | Sarah & Chris Sullivan | Damon Sweeney | Rich & Carolyn Tamler | Rubye & Gary Vallat | Christopher Van Putten | Karin Watson | Pamela Weeks | Jan Eisenhardt & Roger Willsie | Stephanie Zea | Adey Zewde


Judith Adams | Brett Horvath & Berit Anderson | Terra Anderson | Jack Baars | Kim Bailey | Iko Ruggenberg & Jenna Barrett | Paul Lippert & Julie Beckman | Ken Bloom | Terry Bourk | Sheryl Harmer & Steve Boyd | Melissa Brown | Regent Brown | Colin Campbell | Ross Chapin | Marybeth Dickerson | Michele Duncan King | Bruce Eckholm | Judy Feldman | Mark Forman & Kathleen Secrest | Mike Freal | Georgia Gerber | Karl Gergel & Abigail Lazarowski | Peggy Gilmer | Sara Hansen | Rob Hetler | Fritz & Viviene Hull | Rick Ingrasci | Francis Janes | George & Christyn Johnson | Scott Mauk & Heather Johnson | Robyn Jones | Chris Jordan | Bob Keeney | Doug Kelly | Beno Kennedy | Lauren Kite | Jack & Karen Krug | Krista Loercher | Fred & Sharon Lundahl | Jean McGregor | Dan McKee | Blake Menella | David Montgomery | Alexandra Morosco | Tobey Nelson | Barbara Nichols | Yvonne Palka | Marian Quarrier | Barbara Schaetti | Patti Schuller | Jill Sheldon | Jim & Jo Shelver | Phyllis Shulman | Kate Snider | Mira Steinbrecher | Madisun & David Stern | Daniel Thomis | Aimee Vallat | Lily Van Gerbig | Lynn Willeford | Hilary Wilson | Kathy Wilson


8 Limbs Yoga Centers | Amazon Smile | Amrita Kombucha | Architecture, etc | Awakening Life | Bayview Farmers Market | Black Mast Tattoo | Blooms Winery | Bruce Eckholm Farm | Cadee Campbell | Cadée Distillery | Calvert Social Investment | City of Seattle | Cultus Bay Nursery | Debora Valis & Steve Shapiro Family Fund | Deep Sea Sugar & Salt | Dolby Laboratories | Double Bluff Brewing Co | Ebb Tide Produce | Eckholm Farm | Fair Trade Outfitters | Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund | Flying Bear Farm | Fostering Real Opportunities | Full Cycle Farm | Global Integrity Leadership Group, Inc. | Gordon’s on Blueberry Hill | Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation | ImpactAssets | Jan McGregor Studios | Karl’s Bakery | Korten Family Gift Fund | M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust | Michele Duncan King LMP, RYT | Mike Freal Woodworks | Mukilteo Coffee Roasers | Music for the Eyes | Organic Farm School | Oystercatcher | Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program | Pickles | Portico Latin Bistro | Prima Bistro | Primal Island Granola | Puget Sound Sage | Pure Indulgence | Quarrier Woodworks | Roaming Radish desserts | Rob Hetler Furnituremaker | Robyn Louis Jones LMP | Foundation | Salt Hotel & Skookum Surf Shop | SANCA – The School for Acrobatics & New Circus Arts | Scout Magazine | Scrap Wood Designs | Seattle Foundation | Sightline Institute | Someday Farm Bed & Breakfast | Sound Massage | South Whidbey School District/LACEP | Southern Cross Coffee | Spoiled Dog Winery | StoryDome | Synergy Yoga | Terry Bourk Woodturning | The Boeing Gift Matching Program | The Clyde Theater | The Inn at Langley | The Oystercatcher | The Star Store | Tipsy Gourmet | United Way of Snohomish County | Useless Bay Coffee Company | Vanguard Charitable | Vases Wild | Whidbey Custom Photography | Whidbey Island Distillery | Whidbey Island Garden Tour | Whidbey Island Kayaking | Whidbey Pies & Cafe | Whidbey Seatac Shuttle | Whidbey Sound Massage | WICA


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A Well-Fed World | Vegfund Inc. | The Human Society of the United States | The Star Store | The Earthling Liberation Collective | Vegan Outreach


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