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November 15, 2017

Welcoming New Board Members

We welcomed Sanjay Kapoor to our board of directors in May 2017 and Larisa Benson, Joel DeJong, and Mark Forman to our board in October 2017. We’re excited by the extraordinary skills and capacity they bring to the team, and will be sharing more about each of them with you in the coming months.

Mark Forman may already be a familiar name to our readers. Mark founded Forman & Company in 2008, with the stated goal of putting 35 years’ experience in film, video, and writing to work in service to clients whose mission and goals are congruent with his own. Mark has donated three incredible videos to the Whidbey Institute since October 2016—they’re presented below, in chronologic order.

October 27, 2017

Built by Friends | October 2017 Newsletter

Power of Hope Camp (pictured above) began at the Whidbey Institute in 1996. According to their website, “camps based on Power of Hope’s Creative Community Model exist in Canada, British Columbia First Nations, the US (Washington State, Oregon, and California), Jamaica, Brazil, South Africa, Uganda, the UK, and India.”

Built by Friends

$236k Raised at 2017 Gala
We’re so grateful to the many community members and new friends who joined us for the Down this Winding Road Gala fundraising experience on October 14. We had an incredible time celebrating in community and honoring Nancy Nordhoff for her exemplary leadership . . . and together, we raised $236,685 in support of our shared work as a home for transformative learning, inquiry, and action. This brings us significantly closer to our Whidbey Institute 2020 Phase 1 goal of $1.35 million to complete the Heartland lodging expansion already underway, and contributes sustaining momentum for our full four-year, $4.5 million capacity-building campaign.

Also in this Issue
Deeper than the Heart with Dan McKee, A Gift of Trees from Cathi O’Nan, and more! Click here to view the whole issue and read on. 

October 24, 2017

Deeper than the Heart: Exploring personal and leadership development work with Dan McKee

I recently had the chance to sit down with my friend, mentor, and colleague Dan McKee to catch up, hang out, and talk about his upcoming personal and leadership development offerings at the Whidbey Institute. Here’s an excerpt from that conversation.—Marnie Jackson


Marnie: I’m familiar with your personal development work through Warrior Monk and Awakening Life and your organizational leadership development work through Deeper Currents. Do these two pursuits overlap? 

Dan: They do overlap, in the sense that the common denominator in both are these beautiful human beings—anything but common—who carry a longing to be more whole, happy and useful . . . and who, for whatever reason, find themselves ready to take the risk to grow. So, in that, there are certain explorations and practices core to how we grow and develop that find their way into both pursuits. Read More →

September 28, 2017

Welcome Autumn | September 2017 Newsletter

Gratitude Community Picnic
Join us Sunday, October 15 from 11 am to 2 pm for a family-friendly potluck at the Whidbey Institute in partnership with Organic Farm School and Aldermarsh. We’ll celebrate the season, share delicious, abundant food, congratulate the graduating Organic Farm School students, and honor friend and mentor Nancy Nordhoff for her lifelong commitment to community.

We ask that you bring a potluck dish to share, with ingredients labeled, as well as your own plates and utensils to help cut down on waste.

Our Gala takes place October 14. Interested in volunteering before or during the Gala and Picnic?
We need help throughout the weekend of October 13—15. Email Marta!

Partnership and Transformation: Pacific Integral programs call the Whidbey Institute home
Faced with a society in transition and a world in turmoil, the teams at the Whidbey Institute and Pacific Integral recognize the urgency behind developing human capacity to make generative change, and both organizations have landed upon a shared fundamental way forward. We’re shifting culture by helping individuals develop insight into themselves, hone collaborative skills, practice adaptability, integrate diverse perspectives, honor the wisdom in nature and in themselves, and expand their capacity to sit with complexity and paradox. It’s joyful and challenging, and it can’t be done alone. We’re honored to be in this world-changing work with the team at Pacific Integral. Click here to read about our partnership.

Also in this issue: Thanking Johnny Palka, Welcoming Kate Davies and Sharon Betcher, Garden Wishlist, and more!

Click here to view the full issue and read on. 

September 27, 2017

Partnership and Transformation: Pacific Integral programs call the Whidbey Institute home

The Whidbey Institute is honored to welcome Pacific Integral, a developer of educational and social change technologies and a global community of leaders and practitioners of transformative change, into a closer relationship starting this October. While we’ve held Pacific Integral work here before, 2017 marks the arrival of their signature cohort-based program, Generating Transformative Change, on the Chinook land.

The Whidbey Institute exists to serve as a home for ongoing inquiry, learning, and transformation in response to the unprecedented challenges of our time, and Pacific Integral’s accomplishments in building the human capacity to respond are well-established—so much so, in fact, that our Executive Director Heather Johnson directly attributes her readiness for leadership within her Whidbey Institute role to what she learned in the Generating Transformative Change (GTC) certificate program. Read More →

September 6, 2017

The Power of This Place | August 2017 Newsletter

A New Intimacy with the Environment: Excerpt from a 1999 Whidbey Institute newsletter

“Five years ago, the plan for the Institute described buildings that would reflect ‘a new intimacy with the environment.’ At the time, alders grew on the hillside where the new buildings now stand. Transformed into floorboards for the hall, those very alders now lie beneath rafters cut and milled from timber salvaged by a nearby sawmill. Much of the wood used in the new buildings was cut from the land itself and skidded to a portable sawmill by horses. . . . From sill to ridge, the buildings designed by Ross Chapin and built by Greg Gilles and his crew reflect the power of this place.”—Earth, Spirit, and the Human Future, Spring 1999.

Today, like in the late 1990s, we are clearing alders and growing our physical facilities, along with our capacity as a home for transformational learning, open-hearted inquiry, and generative collaboration. In our current phase of capacity-building, with the addition of Meadow Row North (Ross Chapin Architects / Jade Craftsman Construction) and three Live Edge Cabins (Live Edge Woodworks) we continue in a spirit of intimacy with the environment and gratitude for those who make the Whidbey Institute an organization worthy of our ongoing and collective care.

Click here to view the full issue and read on



Also in this issue:

Commissioner Helen Price Johnson on Meadow Row North Groundbreaking (“A TRANSFORMATIONAL PLACE IN MY OWN BACKYARD”).

Welcoming Erik Isaacson to the Team

Whidbey Island Waldorf School Tours Available

From Our Community

These resources are offered by Senior Fellows of the Whidbey Institute or other close members of our community, and are not produced by the Whidbey Institute.

Photo © Tim Snell

Conversations with the curious, compassionate, and courageous co-creators of our desired and emerging future, inspired in part by encounters and inquiries at the Whidbey Institute.

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Walking through nature with a neuroscientist who loves plants and ponders big questions.

Nature’s Depths


Leadership Can Be Taught  “A doorway into the classroom of Harvard’s leadership virtuoso Ronald Heifetz and his colleagues—and an approach to adaptive leadership that responds to the challenges of our more complex and changing world.”

Common Fire  “Revealing how we become committed, and sustain our commitment, to the common good in the face of moral ambiguity, daunting complexity, and frequent discouragement.”

Big Questions, Worthy Dreams  “How mentors and mentoring environments will play a vital role in the potential transformations of thinking, feeling, and networks of belonging that are harbored within emerging adults.”

Mentor  “A practical, engaging exploration of mentoring in adult higher education and its power to transform learning.”

Leadership for the New Commons