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March Program Catalog

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Uplift | February 2018 Newsletter

In this issue: The Soul of Business with Blaine Bartlett, The Emerging Futures Podcast featuring Dr. Stephen Micheal Newby, ReWilding Retreat photos by April Huizenga, facilities and construction updates, community events, and more!

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Journey to the Soul of Business: An Interview with Blaine Bartlett

“The primary focus of my work is on what I’ve come to call Compassionate Capitalism. How to ensure that the workplace of today and tomorrow enables individuals, society and the planet the opportunity to thrive? The answer to this question is rooted in compassion.”

—Blaine Bartlett

Blaine Bartlett—best selling author, executive and leadership coach, and president and CEO of Avatar Resources, Inc., with affiliate offices in four nations—is coming to Whidbey next month with a simple message: business is a spiritual undertaking.

Blaine and I spoke last week about what “the soul of business” really means, about how and why we should put mission at the center of corporate and non-profit work, and what people might experience when they attend Journey to the Soul of Business at the Whidbey Institute October 29—30 (new dates!). Here’s that conversation.

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January 31, 2018

Spirit in Action | January 2018 Newsletter

In this issue: hiring announcement; “A Cohort in Carhartts”, bringing the land in, site evolution update, Transition Fidalgo FutureFest, Whidbey Island Racial Equity events, the quality of presence, and more!

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January 30, 2018

A Cohort in Carhartts: Meet volunteer Joel Shrut

When Joel Shrut was 14, he and a group of friends created a bike ride from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Washington, DC. “We still scratch our heads over how we convinced our parents it was something we could do,” he said. He then explained that he’s done the same ride since as part of a route stretching from Seattle to D.C., and that he gets up each morning eager to use his body for work, service, and adventure. Most recently, his kinesthetic joys have included building on behalf of the Whidbey Institute as the leader of our volunteer construction team. Read More →

January 16, 2018

Seeking Operations Manager

Application period for this position has now closed. 

Posted Monday, January 15, 2018

The Operations Manager will fill a 40-hour per week position and will be responsible for contracts, operations, logistics, and registration at the Whidbey Institute, a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit with a 108-acre campus. The right person for this job has strong computer skills, people skills, financial acuity, and a talent for organization. Experience with registration software is a plus. Creativity, initiative, and attention to detail will help you manage relationships, document activity, set priorities, and evolve practices in this vital role.

We seek a team member who will help us serve our mission to cultivate place, nurture community, and co-create experiences which grow our human capacity for compassionate, courageous action.

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From Our Community

These resources are offered by Senior Fellows of the Whidbey Institute or other close members of our community, and are not produced by the Whidbey Institute.

Photo © Tim Snell

Conversations with the curious, compassionate, and courageous co-creators of our desired and emerging future, inspired in part by encounters and inquiries at the Whidbey Institute.

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Walking through nature with a neuroscientist who loves plants and ponders big questions.

Nature’s Depths


Leadership Can Be Taught  “A doorway into the classroom of Harvard’s leadership virtuoso Ronald Heifetz and his colleagues—and an approach to adaptive leadership that responds to the challenges of our more complex and changing world.”

Common Fire  “Revealing how we become committed, and sustain our commitment, to the common good in the face of moral ambiguity, daunting complexity, and frequent discouragement.”

Big Questions, Worthy Dreams  “How mentors and mentoring environments will play a vital role in the potential transformations of thinking, feeling, and networks of belonging that are harbored within emerging adults.”

Mentor  “A practical, engaging exploration of mentoring in adult higher education and its power to transform learning.”

Leadership for the New Commons