A Home FOR transformational learning since 1972

Our mission is to nurture the conditions for transformational learning, and our purpose is to be a Place for those called by the responsibility and transformative potential of these times.

We partner with a network of program leaders working in the areas of generative leadership, ecosystem vitality, community resilience, and more to offer one-day and multi-day workshops, conferences, and retreats. Our 106-acre conservation forest campus on South Whidbey Island is open to the public and features integrated gardens and a four-mile trail network.

We acknowledge this land, its history, and the people—past, present, and future—for whom this land is an ancestral home. The Whidbey Institute is located on the territory of the Lower Skagit, Swinomish, Suquamish, and Snohomish tribes—the island Tscha-kole-chy, named Whidbey Island by colonial settlers.