Your donation has a significant impact in supporting programs, place and people at the Whidbey Institute. These times call upon us to embrace wild ideas, to seek profound and enduring changes within ourselves, our relationships, and our institutions.


About Us

Nurturing the conditions for transformational learning since 1972

Whidbey Institute is a home for transformational learning and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Our mission is to nurture the conditions for transformational learning, and our purpose is to be a Place for those called by the responsibility and transformative potential of these times.

We partner with a network of program leaders working in the areas of generative leadership, ecosystem vitality, community resilience, and more to offer one-day and multi-day workshops, conferences, and retreats. Our 106-acre conservation forest campus on South Whidbey Island is open to the public and features integrated gardens and a four-mile trail network.

To serve our purpose, we center these principles:

Dignity: in centering dignity we recognize the inherent value and worth of each being. We recognize one another and all beings as sentient and worthy of love.

Equity: in centering equity we recognize we live in a culture and society that actively undermines the dignity of many. We acknowledge the imperative to dismantle systems of oppression, starting with our own mindsets and ways of being.

Regeneration: in centering regeneration we recognize the imperative to live in alignment with life and the need for the restoration of ecosystems and ecological communities. We commit to rooting ourselves once again in the community of life.

Symbiosis: in centering symbiosis we recognize that generative relationships are mutually uplifting, and that our relationships—from how we structure our organization to how we steward the land to how we partner with others—can enhance outcomes for all.

Looking to get involved?

Bring Your Work Here

We host one-day and multi-day programs, workshops, retreats, conferences, and strategic planning sessions. Use our online inquiry form to inquire about holding your business or organization’s gathering at the Whidbey Institute.


Connect with others on fun projects—weekly, seasonally, or just once in a while! We have a variety of indoor and outdoor volunteer jobs for a range of interests and skill levels.

Visit and Explore

Explore our 4 mile public trail system, visit our gardens and labyrinth, experience our woodland sanctuary, and more. Here’s how to get here and what to expect.

Experience a Program

Whether you’re looking for a skill-building workshop, a restorative retreat, or an inspiring conference, our events calendar has something for you! Check out our upcoming programs.

About the Whidbey Institute

Community Equity Principles

Members of the Whidbey Institute team commit to honor these community equity principles and invite all who come here to do the same. Read on.

Our History

The Whidbey Institute grew out of the Chinook Learning Community, founded in 1972 in service to Earth, Spirit, and the Human Future. Learn more here.

Our Team

Our staff, board, contractors, interns and volunteers are wholeheartedly committed to the work, mission, and stewardship of the Whidbey Institute. Meet the team.

Who We Serve

A home for transformational learning since 1972, we exist for those who sense the urgency and responsibility of this moment in history and feel called to respond. Learn more.

We acknowledge this place, its other-than-human beings, its history, and the people—past, present, and future—upon whose traditional lands we live and work. The Whidbey Institute is located on the territory of the Lower Skagit, Swinomish, Suquamish, and Snohomish tribes—the island Tscha-kole-chy, named Whidbey Island by colonial settlers.

We exist for those who sense the urgency and responsibility of this moment—this world in turmoil, and this culture in transition.

With capacity to lodge up to 45 participants, our campus effectively supports multiple small groups gathering concurrently, larger groups of 45+, and summertime camping for groups including youth engagement. Our campus is also home to Whidbey Island Waldorf School, providing a preK through 8th grade education rooted in creativity, compassion, and reverence for nature.


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