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Ecology & Nature Programs



Summer Garden Wisdom

With Kumudini Shoba

June 27, 2020
Join us in the sweet, woodsy Westgarden at the Whidbey Institute to learn about supporting health with Ayurveda practioner Kumudini Shoba. This class will explore using nature to support cleansing the body, with a focus on using plants and herbs from the garden and surrounding forest. This is the second class in a series of three that will run through fall of 2020. While the spring class looked at the cleansing properties of nettles, this class will focus on the abundant healing energy of summer! Kumudini Shoba, Ayurvedic practitioner, will help us explore an assortment of medicinal flowers that will…

Healing Ourselves with Flowers

With Mara Grey

June 28, 2020
Appletree Garden
Join us from noon to 2 pm in the Appletree Garden for this class with Master Gardener Mara Grey. Inviting nature’s support into our lives by making and using flower essences. All supplies will be provided! The class will include learning, writing, and product-making, in the beautiful Appletree Garden at the peak of early summer's beauty. Tickets are $40 or $25 for Whidbey Institute volunteers. 

Autumn Garden Wisdom

With Kumudini Shoba

September 19, 2020
Join us in the sweet, woodsy Westgarden for this final class in a series of three 2020 Ayurvedic herbal workshops at the Whidbey Institute with Kumudini Shoba. New registrations are welcome. When we wake to a chill in the air and see the setting sun a bit earlier in the evening, we know Autumn is upon us. At this time, we transition from the expansive energy of summer into the quiet world of fall and winter. Plants echo this process as their leaves and fruit fall away and they concentrate their energy into their core system, roots. This makes Autumn…