A Home for Your Soul’s Singing | April 2013 Newsletter

The opening weeks of spring have been busy at the Institute: celebrating our 40th anniversary with a gathering of past and present staff and board, the 2nd Annual Thriving Communities conference; a beautiful Easter celebration; one to two groups holding their work here every week; new members joining our team. The sense of awakening and lift this season reminds us what a place of flourishing, nourishment and gathering the Whidbey Institute has been over the many years for countless people, all in service to something bigger than any one of us, in a setting which sustains us deeply.

Board member Francis Janes recently said, “the moment you turn onto the gravel of Old Pietila Road headed down to Thomas Berry Hall, you hear your soul start to sing.” His words inspire us to ask: what’s alive and singing in your own soul? And how we can we join you in bringing forth its whole and unique expression in the world?

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April 2, 2013