Blossoming Connections | April 2017 Newsletter


April 2017 Newsletter: view the issue here

In mid-March, staff member Madisun Stern was tasked with obtaining centerpieces for a donor event at the Whidbey Institute. She wrote this piece about her ensuing experience of community generosity:

With local floral arrangements hard to come by in March, I imagined our flower fund going towards the lush, gorgeous greens that had survived a devastating barn fire at Willowood Farm earlier this spring. My ask to Farmer Georgie for this was instantly met with refusal, and the most gracious generosity—she wouldn’t sell, but would gift us all that I asked as a donation to the Institute. Just weeks before, she’d lost her entire business, except for the produce in her fields—produce that will now adorn the tables at our event. To top it off, their farm assistant (one my dearest friends) surprised me again, going above and beyond by creating the glorious arrangements herself—a service never provided by the farm before! I was humbled to assist on finishing touches, including an adventure to find the perfect beach stones to weight the vases.

The generosity in this situation has left me completely in awe . . . speechless, breathless . . . and quite teary eyed. I hope the significance of this gesture can showcase the work being done at the Institute to deserve such a gift, and the arrangements can serve as a celebration of the love and care in this community.

Straight from the heart of the Ebey’s Landing, to the enchanted forest . . . —Madisun

April 25, 2017