Larry Daloz interviews Dr. Vandana Shiva

Larry Daloz interviews Dr. Vandana Shiva

From the Archives—Whidbey Institute: Earth, Spirit, and the Human Future • Volume 4:3 • Fall 2002

In July 2002, Dr. Vandana Shiva spent a week with the Institute as one of the teachers for an annual course we held in association with England’s Schumacher College. At the conclusion of the course, Dr. Shiva presented a major address to over 700 people in Seattle at the University of Washington, an event produced by the Institute with the support of several co-sponsors. Larry Daloz spoke with her before she returned to her home in India.

“Nature ensures there is a place for all life forms, for the tiniest of species. If we were following natural law, we would assure that our design of the environment is an inclusive design—that we create space for all.”

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July 20, 2015

A People to Walk With; Berry Hall is Named

From the Archives: published in Fall 1999. Whidbey Institute: Earth, Spirit, and the Human Future, Vol. I:3.

We’re launching a series of articles from our Chinook archives with these pieces from founding director Fritz Hull, reflecting upon his participation in the 1965 civil rights march in Selma, and from Thomas Berry, responding to the dedication of our Hall in his honor. Click the image at right to view the page at full resolution and read on!

P.S. Power of Hope, described at the bottom of the page, is stronger than ever today—16 years later!

An excerpt:

“I remember on the morning we left Selma, Martin Luther King saying, “tell your children and your grandchildren that you were here, that you were part of history.” Today, we want to know that in the future we can tell our families that we awoke to the challenge of our time, joined in the great work, and that we did our creative best. We can also tell them that on this journey, in a way more deeply satisfying than we expected, we found we were linked with others in passionate community—we found a people to walk with.” Read on.


June 24, 2015