Community Festival Reflections

I had a particularly special opportunity at yesterday’s Community Festival—the chance to bring my out-of-town relatives to Chinook! We’ve toured the land in solitude together before, but this weekend’s festive atmosphere combined with the sagacious storytelling of our friends Scott and Sawyer Mauk, Larry Daloz, Kurt Hoelting, and Sharon Parks provided my mother- and father-in-law with a deep understanding of what it is we do at the Whidbey Institute.

My children enjoyed running and playing with friends old and new on the land, while we all relished the chance to enjoy Chef Christyn Johnson’s gourmet brunch and a bit of camaraderie.

Jackie rocked the Art Barn, while Mia the Raffle Queen was dashing in her tiara and scarf—selling tickets in style! The thank you’s are too many to list: Maggie Chumbley, for your expert facilitation and radiant smile. Staff and board, for your tireless energy and insight. Peggy Taylor, for the loan of PYE Global’s capacious tent. We thank our Waldorf student tour guides and work party coordinators, our musicians and storytellers, our raffle participants and lucky winners, our sponsors and community. We thank Maggie, Abigail, and Sonya for the herbal gift basket. We thank Mukilteo Coffee for helping us bring “Chinook Blend” coffee to life. We thank Live Edge Woodworks and Johannes Liebert, for the raffle grand prize, a stunning white pine coffee table.

The list goes on!

Most of all, thanks to each and every one of our neighbors and friends who came out to celebrate with us. You helped make it a magical day!

October 13, 2014

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