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Powers of Leadership

About the program

Powers of Leadership is a four-part retreat cycle designed to convene leaders such as yourself from across multiple sectors, to further develop as “adaptive leaders,” capable of addressing those questions for which there are no easy answers. We live in a time of a rapidly growing global community and the challenges and complexities of leadership are increasing. We need leaders who engage the issues of our day, who deeply know their personal sense of purpose, and who recognize the importance of ‘failure’ as we learn together from life experiences.

It is also essential for leaders to carve out time for reflection, restoration and collaboration. In our fast paced lives, most of us spend our days moving from one urgent issue to the next. While this can be creative and generative work, it can also be exhausting. POL provides the space, with creative, experienced leaders, to consider and reflect upon what’s next for you and your organization to support your long-term purpose. To be with experienced leaders from different sectors is a unique opportunity.

In traditional societies, a village was often built around a “commons,” a public space in which the shared life of the community took place. In today’s interdependent and complex world, the new commons includes diverse cultures and a wide variety of distinct institutions, as well as the oceans, the air, seeds, forests, water, and cyberspace. It is global in scope, yet personal in impact.

Leadership today requires the ability to see patterns in complex systems, the interdependence of diverse communities, and morally ambiguous challenges. We can no longer survive by functioning as separate individuals or independent organizations. The art of leadership requires a connective imagination, an informed conscience, and practiced competence.

The Powers of Leadership retreat series convenes a diverse cohort of people across strategic fields to gain perspective on the currents of change moving in these times.

Seasonal Cycle

Each cohort meets four times at the Whidbey Institute in a cycle spanning the four seasons.

November 11-13, 2021  Seeds of Vocation and Purpose
January 13-15, 2022  The Deep Waters of Renewal
March 31-April 2, 2022  The Power of Creation
June 16-18, 2022   The Fire of Fulfillment

Each retreat begins with dinner on Thursday and ends on Saturday afternoon.

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Variable Fee Structure

  • Employer-Supported Registration ($5,600.00)

We recommend this tuition level for those receiving tuition support from a large employer or for-profit entity.

  • Non-Profit/Public Entity-Supported Registration ($4,500.00)

We recommend this tuition level for those receiving tuition support from a small employer, non-profit, or public entity.

  • Individual Registration ($3,950.00)