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Craig Fleck

Craig Fleck has been working with organizations and leaders for 30+ years as a consultant and coach. He has designed and developed programs in change effectiveness, team-building, coaching, leadership development and cultural change. His clients include organizations across many sectors including healthcare, education, business, environmental, non-profit and cooperatives. He does extensive work in strategic planning, executive coaching and board development. Craig has been leading Powers of Leadership since 2009. He co-leads a program on Conversational Leadership with the poet David Whyte, Invitas, also hosted at the Whidbey Institute.

Events with Craig Fleck

The Invitational Leader
April 5 - 7, 2024

A Bridge Between Singing a Separate Self and Learning to be Selfless A weekend for both new and seasoned practitioners. This weekend will have an emphasis on making and receiving radical and transformative invitations. Whether you’re an Invitas Alumni, or a newly interested leader, coach or consultant, or simply wishing to shape your organizations and communities with more aplomb: if you would like a weekend that involves both open conversation and careful guidance, we invite you to join David Whyte, Craig Fleck, and Gayle Karen Young for a weekend at the beautiful Whidbey Institute. We will work collaboratively and intensively…