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Faculty - Whidbey Institute

Craig Fleck

CRAIG FLECK has been a consultant to business, education, healthcare and non-profits for over twenty years. His work has held common threads of developing leaders, cultivating organizational learning and implementing generative changes across diverse sets of stakeholders. His experience with this broad base of clients has heightened his respect for leaders confronted by today’s pressures and deepened his commitment to the power of courageous conversations to steward more vital organizations.

Events with Craig Fleck

February 6, 2020

 POL II is an annual Powers of Leadership Alumni Retreat. Join Christie, Craig, Sharon and Larry in this 21st year of POL. We’d love for POL Alumni to join us as we once again gather to deepen our awareness of the leadership challenges we are holding and the good work we are sharing. As we gather from across sectors, we will draw upon and strengthen the immense capacity within the POL II collective to reassess and engage what is now needed in our wider commons. Come visit the land and walk with us in winter . . . though we can’t promise…