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Cassandra Posey

Cassandra is a seer, knowledge seeker, creator, navigator, medicine maker, and go down each dopamine filling rabbit hole ADHD-er. Cassandra has been consumed by a quest for inner self knowledge and evolution. She is fascinated by the collaborative relationships and connections we have to each other and this planet. In 2018 Cassandra crafted natural remedies to end her battle with pharmaceuticals, a journey she had been on since the age of 9. She turned those remedies into a business called Cognitive Function, the U.S. cultivated, badass, AAPI, women founded Mushroom solutions brand! She aims to put farmers at the forefront and cultivate community for sharing skills and knowledge in a digestible format. She is doing that by way of Myceliate: The Festival, our annual family, fungi, food, & farming gathering. Cassandra’s goal is to lead with intention and education and to collectively deepen our understanding of Self Knowledge. She loves to nerd out about sourcing, plants & fungi, medicine making, & psychology and the occult. She and her partner live on Whidbey Island on their homestead where they farm, host events, and cultivate abundance.

Events with Cassandra Posey

Permaculture Design Certification Course
June 20 - July 4, 2024

Embark on a transformative journey into regenerative living with the Permaculture Design Certification Course offered at the Whidbey Institute in Clinton Washington. This comprehensive program is designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to design and create regenerative, resilient systems. Permaculture is a design science rooted in the observation of natural systems which aids us in designing human settlements that have the stability and resiliency of a natural ecosystem. Permaculture is a practical set of ecological design principles and methods for human settlements which can be applied to homestead, urban, suburban and watershed scale. Permaculture principles provide…