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Zakiya Rhodes

Zakiya is a life-long lover of movement – from playing organized sports in high school and college, to teaching in-studio and online barre classes for a boutique fitness company. Movement has always been a constant in Zakiya’s life, and a way to cultivate mind-body connection. For most of her life though, mind-body connection wasn’t something that she was conscious of— her awareness of this connection became apparent once she found mindfulness. It was then that Zakiya understood the importance of moving her body with intention. When leading movement, Zakiya strives to create a judgment-free, supportive space in order to promote awareness, presence, and overall well-being.  In addition to movement, Zakiya also serves as Programs Director for Peace in Schools, a nonprofit organization based out of Portland, OR, and a national leader in mindfulness education.

Events with Zakiya Rhodes

The Act of Being - A Summer Retreat
July 22 - 28, 2024

Our liberation is the act of being. Our liberation is Love itself. ~Caverly This retreat is about the act of being (a phrase that has been used to encompass many knowings and philosophies, from the Catholic philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas to Mullā Ṣadrā, an Islamic mystic, philosopher, and theologian). It’s about knowing a happiness you can’t explain because you have no reason to point to. The joy of pure being. Of knowing who you are, resting in presence, and acting in the world on behalf of this deep knowing.  On this retreat we will explore the act of being in…