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Dan McKee

Dan McKee has led self-awareness, experiential-based depth psychology, leadership development and mindfulness training, including the Warrior Monk Retreat, for more than 25 years.

In Dan’s work, the guiding principles that inform all offerings are depth-authenticity, safety, emotional vulnerability and healing, fun, purpose and service; and are all grounded in fierce compassion and practical wisdom. Dan McKee founded the Awakening Life Learning non-profit in 2003, based on his desire that this mindful and mission-based organization be a home for practical and useful works to support purpose driven individuals and organizations. 

In addition to leading the Warrior Monk Retreat for the past 25 years, he facilitates leadership development and equity, inclusion and belonging workshops and retreats for mission-based organizations. 

He lives on Whidbey Island and travels extensively for retreats and to visit his three adult daughters and granddaughter. Otherwise, he can mostly not be found, motorcycling and camping in this country’s wild and beautiful places. 

Events with Dan McKee

The Warrior Monk Retreat
March 13 - 17, 2024

A Rare Retreat Experience Practiced for over 25 years and more than 100 times internationally, including 20 years here at the Whidbey Institute this powerful experiential retreat has served to bring about greater depth and integration of our spiritual, emotional, and psychological development. The work happens over four nights and five days in an elegantly paced and psychologically safe cauldron with powerful heart-opening work, reflection, play, and community. Warrior Monk staff and participants create a transformative environment, blending experiential work with a restorative and mindful deep immersion retreat space. The work contains the inner healing growth work we need in…